The main problem humanity faces today is not climate change, war, poverty, inequality or corruption, but the fact that those issues are not openly recognized as problems that need to be addressed and solved.

Many people do recognize that corruption is rooted into politics, for example, but not everyone agrees that corruption is such a problem that it is necessary to get together to find and solution to it. In fact, many of those involved in corruption say that it can be summed up as “a few bad apples” pulling tricks with the power vested on  them by their position in public office or private enterprise.

Some people are aware that destroying the environment to the last grain of gold, lithium and fossil fuel available is not the way humanity should go, but there isn’t enough support to implement valid existing technologies that would, in a short period of time, be great substitutes to oil.

A few people go out of their way to call for the end of poverty, but in contrast, many people call for the end of inequality, as if everyone had been born equal.

Politicians and demagogues use the word inequality to sell the dream that we should all be the same and have the same at any cost, but do not have a real plan to achieve that equality other than a massive central government that has never been able to manage itself, much less provide conditions to make us all equal; if that is even possible.

Everyone knows that war is a racket, but very few understand the role that war plays in our society. Almost no one knows why war is sold to the public and used as an instrument of peace, no matter how distopian that is.

The first step to solving a problem is recognizing there is one.

If we need to cross a river, and there isn’t a bridge, it is necessary to recognize there is a problem. The problem is there is not a bridge. Everyone needs to recognize there isn’t a bridge so that everyone can get behind the effort to build one and solve the problem.

Today, most people buy into achieving efimerous dreams, like being famous or getting rich, instead of focusing on the big picture.

Humanity is no longer concerned with solving problems, only with reaping the rewards of something they did not work for.

Personal responsibiity and self-determination have been substituted by narcisism. People go around high-fiving each other in celebration of their greatness while things are obviously worse. They look at past achievements as if they will exist forever, instead of asking themselves how to make things better.

There are no more trailblazers, explorers, inventors or leaders. There are only people who buy the propaganda that sells the idea they are inadequate unless they mutilate their bodies and their minds to ‘fit in’ the social mold of the season.

People do not understand that greatness is not something you hold, but something you create and continue creating.

Everyone one takes a seat in one of the fictitious camps created by social engineers where no action is taken, where people play passive roles, not active ones. In each camp, people wait around for their entitlements, because someone told them they own them.

As the video below shows, humanity has been asking the wrong questions for a long time and continues to do so. Humans no longer recognize there is a problem, that there are problems. Most people simply fall into the ‘divide and conquer’ trap.

[media url=”” width=”700″ height=”400″]

Now that you have been moderately awaken from the deep sleep, hopefully you can ask yourself what is the problem or what are the problems. That is the first step to solving those problems. Avoid the distractions, the balkanization, the fake tribalism and go out to work for what you want.

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