Those who read my blogs know I don’t believe in Global Warming and it took me a while to understand why our government was supporting this with so many failures as in solar panel manufacturing and wind farms using our tax dollars.

Scientists continued to argue and then they began to come out of the woodwork admitting statistics had been fudged and money had crossed crooked hands.

The two real things that got me was them telling me that carbon dioxide was causing all this when common sense and the science we learned in school totally debunks this claim and then some.

At a speaking event with my friend Karen, she put to rest the theory of the oceans rising because of glaciers melting with her experiment with the glass of water and ice. You can do this at home. Just take a full glass of ice, fill it with water to the top and go shopping or work in the garden for a couple of hours – come back home and then tell me if the water is overflowing out of the glass. Need I say more?

For years, so many of us have been stating all this Climate Change garbage was lies set up to make certain corporate and individual citizens very rich – but that there had to be something else going on.

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