Time to grow up children- The Party’s long over! (It already was in 1968!)

Guy Leven-Torres

For over fifty years the geriatric teenagers that make up our ruling elite- well an elite in their own eyes anyway- have dreamed very wet ones, about the World Socialist Paradise they have been trying to bully us into accepting though the likes of the EU and North American Union and a host of other transnational supranational ‘Unions’. Even Obama has apparently gone rather cold on the idea but then he is a youngster compared to the Levi Generation whose brains were fried by all the marijuana they smoked, or LSD/ Heroin they popped or smoked. Personally I never saw any point in any of it- a good pint of bitter was far better fare. I tried to smoke a ‘joint’ once to see what all the fuss was about. I simply made me sick. I was 21 then- now I am 57 years old. I do like a good Havanathough!

Greece is on the verge of Civil War by the way- just in case some of you didn’t notice! Reports I am receiving from contacts I have there who are members of La Resistance! tell me that heavy rioting and violence are now a daily occurrence with burning cars, smashed shops, banks and bombs galore with running battles involving Police and ‘foreign elements’ battling with Greeks- 50% of whom are prepared to take to the streets to prevent the austerity package and EU/IMF bailout being force fed to them with drastic 30% cuts in salaries, in an economy already entering the early stages of huge price inflation- even hyper inflation. This should be a warning- a very clear and audible warning that trying to impose currencies based upon idiot Marxist International revolutionary ideology and wet dreams of World governance, instead of national cultural and character common sense, is bloody dangerous. Nation States are an age old solution to problems involving difference in culture, language, outlook and traditions and the very reason they were ‘invented’ in the first place, even if the idiots that currently do their level best to run-or should it be ruin? things regard the National idea as ‘racist’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘not nice’, ‘fascist’, ‘Unislamic’ and host of other useless ‘isms’ bandied about about by these utter morons.

For the fools among us ‘Currencies’ are not only founded upon the gold we once had to give them value but they also rely upon hidden intangibles like national work ‘ethic’, national and personal character and its ability to invent and produce, cultural mores, cultural traditions and land use, entrepreneurial ability inherent in the national character and lots more. We ‘Brits’ are good at inventions and marketing for example. The Spanish, Greeks and Italians tend to be good at running hotels and restaurants. The impetus for the wealth creation in Western Europe comes from the North and the very idea of harnessing, or rather enslaving highly productive entities like the UK, Germany, Denmark and others to ‘lazier’ southern states is simply lunacy of the highest order.

The Italians by the way are good at art and music too and it is in their design ability and originality they excel. As for what Greece is good at well? Civil wars? Tourism plays a great part in most southern countries too. National entities, like ancient city states reflect the common cultural and sense of shared ideals, beliefs and laws. They are also human in scale, not intangible abstracts like ‘Globalism’, ‘Marxist Internationale’, ‘Global Caliphates’, European Unions’ Eurabian Unions’, North American Unions’ or any other kind of Union.

Even ‘nasty’ Empires need a national ethic to keep them going- a common glue of integrity and context. Name one ‘Empire’ that survived without one?

Yes I thought so! There isn’t one is there? Even the Soviet ‘Empire’ was distinctly ‘Russian’ in character. The Soviets were no idiots and even then they needed several million troops to hold down the totalitarian regime of all such regimes. When Stalin finally faced up to Hitler, it was to Russian patriotism and ‘Mother Russia’ and Church he appealed. Even today, Russians refer to the WWII as the Great Patriotic War. Can you ever imagine anybody being inspired by the EU- Brussels? I would imagine most would be completely indifferent, or downright glad to see the back of it and its ridiculous pretensions. Why the hell would anybody want to lay down their life for a bureaucrat? And as for Great Leader Rompuy? Don’t bother and I can hear the manic laughter echoing through the empty halls of Strasbourgand Brussels. Maybe he can get a job as a circus clown in a troupe touring Europe in the post EU chaos? He would look great in oversized shoes, a red nose and a fall apart EU car wouldn’t he? Throw a few fireworks about on the arrival of the other clown troupe ‘Eurogendarmerie’ with water pistols- the audience would be in hysterics. Trouble is we are not going to be laughing for long- things have gone too far…

Scene- Rompuy with big flower walks up to ‘Eurosceptic Clown’ and as he smells it water squirts out into his face. Audience boos….

Nation States may not be perfect but they are the best and safest option. History and archaeology prove it every time. Even the Romans insisted upon the idea of being Roman. They installed a graded system of rights and rewards designed to allow conquered people to assimilate towards Romanitas. This latter abstraction or rather ideal, allowed the Empire to survive for over a thousand years. People believed in it. It was also allied to the Roman ideal of Humanitas and natural law. Unlike Marx and modern elites, Mother Nature was not an enslaver of humanity but a beneficent Mother to us all. Defy Nature and one is in deep trouble.

The Romans were master state-crafters and their success is seen in the survival of distinctly Latin countries and languages today, many of whom are very different to the ‘Germanic’ north. This is also the reason why Britain hovers between the two. Rome was far from daft. She ruled with a light hand upon the tiller and assimilated and Romanised all that was best in the subjugated cultures. Do not think for one minute that I approve of Empires, because I do not. I do approve though of Nations and they being allowed to exist free of infantile wilful megalomania, more suited to teenage university campus revolutionaries and acne than reality. The biggest factor we face today from the current self- admiring elite, is severe infantilism. They behave just like spiteful brats who cannot get their way. And like spiteful brats they utilise every form of thuggery and device to impose their childish, highly dangerous pretensions on the adults- the rest of us, who are now faced with picking up the wreckage. Of course the children still don’t get it do they? Their solution is more of the same please! Absolute idiocy! Oh don’t worry we will celebrate with tea and cakes!

We are in a dreadful state! We owe trillions but to throw petrol upon the cultural pyre, we now have a real problem with unrestricted migration. I talk quite a lot to serving Police officers of the more sensible politically non-brain-washed variety, who are usually approaching retirement. These inform me that we are being systematically lied to about the real level of alien infiltration and corruption. More than one believes that when the full import of the coming crisis is revealed, civil insurrection is very likely as it has happened in Greece already. I am reliably informed that up to sixty inner city ‘constituencies’ are under investigation for vote fraud. So serious is it that it will affect the outcome of the Election- the numbers involved are vast- thousands in fact. One referred to the situation as ‘Pakistani Practices’ and although most involve Labour migrant voters, many are also Tory too. As one said to me- ‘Do not be surprised to see Gordon Brown in power for another five years!’ I simply do not understand why the Press and the BBC do not expose this sham?

As I have stated and warned many times we are looking into the Abyss. Time to act like adults I think don’t you? I also predict that Brown will be the next PM. I hope for once I am wrong!

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