According to Richard Wolff, Capitalism is like a snake that eats its own tail. It is a self-destructing system that has always been at the service of elites.

In a recent interview, the leftist author and graduate of some of the most important universities in the United States explained that he is not in favor of big government and that when it comes to inequality, the government is nothing else than a scapegoat.

Wolff appeared on a Youtube channel where he was interviewed about his career, studies and ideological beliefs. During the lengthy interview, he blamed the rich and success for social and economic inequality.

Like Wolff, many members of the extreme Left have taken the coronavirus pandemic to question the role of Capitalism in the so-called crisis. Socialists in the United States and Europe have formed ad hoc groups to promote the destruction of Capitalism and the adoption of tighter controls on people’s movement, behaviour and economic policy.

These Leftist groups are now saying that going back to normality, a concept understood as the pre-covid-19 life, would be a great mistake. Instead, they propose a future in which people should not return to the status quo.

A group called the Progressive International, made up of characters like Jane Sanders (Bernie Sanders’s wife), former Greek Prime Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, the writer Noam Chomsky, and others, aims to establish a new world regulated by the directives of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky.

As Richard Wolff pointed out during his interview, extreme Leftists believe that Vladimir Lenin was a visionary who was ahead of his time and who did not know how to adapt his beliefs to the time. On the other hand, according to Wolff, success and market capitalism is a system that is responsible for poverty, and inequality.

Wolff believes that companies competing in an open and free market are bound to achieve monopolistic policies, which ends up hurting consumers. He said that Capitalism is the reason why companies like Amazon and Walmart are now charging extremely high prices to consumers. When pressed to provide and example of how Amazon or Walmart overcharges people for their products, or an example of a company that became a monopoly due to Capitalism, Wolff would not mention one single example.

A new Progressive International is necessary to coordinate strategies for the post-pandemic world instead of letting those delusional ultra-nationalists of the new Stevebannonian right be the ones who monopolize international networks,” says a communicate supported by political and intellectual leaders who want our planet to become a socialism/communist utopia.

In reality, members of the extreme Left have seen how people have awakened to the hypocrisy of a movement led by lunatic ideologues, and they want to give an answer before becoming obsolete.

“The extreme Right has been much more internationalist than the Left. They are exchanging strategies, political tricks and technologies,” said Naomi Klein, another member of the Progressive International’s council – during a video conference on the Green New Deal.

“Nothing could be worse than a return to normality,” said Arundati Roy, another promoter of the new Progressive International. Roy and his friends on the Left tend to mix concepts to confuse people about Capitalism. They often equate it to neoliberalism or globalism, for example.

“We must demand our Shakespearean pounds of meat from those who have had all the power and who now kneel before us in search of subsidies, the purchase of their debt leveraged by central banks, credits with state guarantees or wages for its workers are temporarily out of work,” says one of their communicates reproduced in collectivist media. In their own words, they are not in search for equality and social justice, but of power.

Among the measures that groups such as the Progressive International want to implement are: taking advantage of confinement to drastically reduce flights, taking shares in multinationals, dismantling monopolies, nationalizing banks, and forcefully implementing the Green New Deal, which it would mean the end of the economy of production, manufacturing and energy at affordable prices for the vast majority of the population.

According to Stephanie Kelton, a financial adviser for Bernie Sanders, “States have an enormous advantage over large private sector corporations in these extraordinary moments of negative interest rates on public debt and central banks willing (they are ours after all) to monetize whatever is necessary. We can get into debt at no cost.” In Kelton’s mind, debt can be run to infinite levels and for however long politicians want. Money can be printed forever to buy whatever governments want without any negative consequence. She obviously has never studied economics. Everyone knows that money printing is a direct tax on the poor and the middle class and that inflation rises immediately after a State adopts indenture servitude.

According to the Leftists, it is necessary to take advantage of the new power of the State – demonstrated during the pandemic – to incentivize and force, if necessary, the administrations to transform the cities against the automobile and in favor of a new use of space.

In the macroeconomic arena, Leftists say they should have a red button that guarantees a state of mutual destruction between Leftism and the political Right.

“You can dynamite the hotel from within and that possibility gives us strength,” affirm the leaders of this group of lunatics, who do not seem to know the history of socialist and communist States, none of which has survived to show us the delights of their wisdom, but instead have caused the death of hundreds of millions of people.

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