I don’t know you, but I am old enough to remember a cartoon called Bobby’s World. It was an American animated comedy children’s television series, whose main character was a 4-year-old boy named Bobby. Bobby had a huge imagination. According to the show’s description, Bobby claimed that he came from a fantasy place called “Bobbyland” where he ruled everything.

If this description sounds familiar in our present world, it is because like Bobby, the mainstream media pretends to have the power to rule over their readers and viewers. Talking heads on television and so-called journalists on newspapers and magazines imagine, day in and day out, that they hold power in any country and that they are entitled to tell people what to think, how to think, and why they ought to think like that.

Interestingly enough, this tendency has shown to be stronger than ever during Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House.  In the recent election, the media awarded states to Democratic candidate Joe Biden, even before the counting had ended. In some states it was worse than that. They even awarded some states of the union before they had begun counting the ballots.

In fact, in this world where mainstream media parrots live, they called the election for Biden before the electoral college actually certified the results. The electoral college has not certified, as of this day, that Biden is the lawful winner of the election.

According to the media, in this parallel world, the US president is still a Russian agent, and so is his lawyer, Rudi Giuliani. Lately, the corporate megaphones have perpetrated another hoax on the public. They have said to their rapidly shrinking audiences that the vaccine that Trump has announced as coming soon is dangerous because it was produced under his administration.

Even more recently, they have portrayed the visit by two Michigan congressmen to the White House as a ‘strong punch on democracy‘ and an attempt by Trump to ‘subvert the 2020 election.’

Donald Trump and his allies have plunged into alarming and uncharted territory. What they are doing now is not just contesting the recount of the presidential elections, but trying to subvert the process using the power of the White House,” explains the newspaper EL PAIS, a globalist publication operated out of Madrid, Spain.

As on many other occasions, with most media outlets, this widely discredited publication offers no proof of such an attempt of subversion. We just have to believe them because they say so.

The same media outlets that call Trump a dictator are the ones who do not even touch the numerous claims of alleged fraud perpetrated in all swing states, where Trump was winning by 200,000, 400,000 and even 800,000 votes prior to those states unilaterally deciding to stop counting ballots on November 3rd.

What happened next is something no one can explain and the media never showed any interest in investigating. Joe Biden managed to overcome Trump’s advantage in those states and allegedly won them by a few thousand votes.

What the media alleges that Biden did is no simple feat. It is quite a comeback if you are willing to believe it at face value. The media want you to believe them.

How did Biden manage to add over a million votes in one single state to beat Trump is beyond anyone’s understanding. The only sure thing so far is that thousands and thousands of ballots magically appeared overnight in all swing states, so once the counting resumed, the number of voters who cast their ballot for Biden was enough to overcome more than 1.2 million votes that separated him from the presidency.

Unfortunately, the media did not want to investigate this either. They promptly declared Biden as the winner.

One of the outlets that suffered the most from people who are fed up with their lies is FOX NEWS. The news network that had enjoyed the highest ratings ever in the history of American political coverage began its collapse on election night after it called Arizona for Joe Biden when vote counting had barely hit 2 percent.

But perhaps the clearest sign that the media operate in a parallel universe is the massive electronic voting fraud that took place on November 3rd. For Trump-hating news anchors the claim of massive fraud was another ‘conspiracy theory‘.

It was not relevant for them that employees from the company known as Dominion, the one in charge of the software that counted the votes in several US states, expressly confessed that the machines were rigged to give Biden the presidency.

In a related case, former federal prosecutor and current Trump campaign, Sidney Powell, said in a press conference that she had proof of electronic vote tampering carried out on the voting machines via back doors that allowed hackers or Dominion operators to add votes for Biden and subtract votes from Trump.

No matter how outlandish Powell’s claims might be, the amazing part of it all is that the media did not even bother to question the assertions made by her and Trump’s lawyer, Rudi Giuliani, who appeared with Powell to denounce the alleged fraud.

One more example of media malpractice is COVID-19. As in the case of the election, mainstream media partnered with the COVID propaganda machine to cause alarmism among the populations, reinforcing the message that people had to obey the illegal measures imposed by politicians.

At first, it would just a couple of weeks of hardline confinement. Those two weeks turned into months with no credible explanation to remain in isolation. Then came the use of toxic masks, which in addition to slowly intoxicate people who breathe their own CO2, are made with Teflon and create an environment adequate for wearers to develop bacterial respiratory infections. None of these facts was reported or properly investigated by the media.

Social media, which at the beginning appeared to be a escape valve for people who wanted to report on and read different views and opinions on the same news that were being ignored on mainstream media, have now seen how companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube operate and serve the interests of one single side.

Censorship runs rampant on all platforms. Congressional hearings where the heads of these companies appear under oath are meaningless. They appear on video conferencing platforms and lie through their teeth with no consequences.

The level of censorship is such that even media personalities with a consolidated career on television, radio and printed press are opting to create accounts on newly opened alternatives such as Medium, Gab and Parler. Some Parler accounts have seen their number of followers increase by the thousands in a single day as people escape Twitter’s blatant censorship.

As mainstream media dig their own graves where they seem to be slowly going to die, Republican congressmen are now trying to catch up with social media censorship. Voices are beginning to call for legislation that regulates or dissolves Google while others call for making Twitter and Facebook accountable for their increasingly biased editorial decisions that allow some content, such as porn, human decapitations and calls for violence, but not certain political ads or comments and posts that challenge the status quo.

Will these calls end up in action that will hold mainstream media accountable? Stay tuned.


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