Russia has turned the tables on the West after its military intervention in Syria. Talks are now been held for the Russians to also bomb terrorist groups in Iraq, which has been America’s launching pad of military operations since 2003.

While America and NATO demand that Russia stops bombing their proxy fighters in Syria, because they are allies in the fight against Bashar al-Assad, ISIS and Al-Nusra Front leaders admit they are being supported by the United states to carry out terrorist attacks against civilians and infrastructure in Syria.

The tensions in the Middle East and northern Africa resemble those of the cold war. America had unrestrictedly invaded both regions following the Pentagon’s plan to destroy and conquer 7 countries. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya have already been taken over by U.S. terrorist allies, while Syria and Iran still await for their turn to be reduced to dust.

However, a new factor in the Middle East equation has changed, at least temporarily, the potential result of America’s plans in the region. Russia’s intervention in favor of bringing stability back to Syria, in combination with Iranian and Chinese forces has done more than delay the original American plan.

It is true that Putin needs stable and strong Syria and Iran to be able to keep Russia’s influence in the region. It is also true that, should the Russian and Syrian armies successfully get rid of ISIS, al-Nusra Front and al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria and Iraq, which would allow a truly democratic process to take place, their victory would not only be only understood as a triumph against terrorism, but also against the Americans and the Arab coalition that is aiding the U.S. in parallel operations.

Unfortunately, we all know that the lunatics that govern the United States will not go down without a fight. The neocons and their allies have already begun cooking their plans to respond to Putin’s challenge. This reality presents a very dire future that may include an all open war between Russians and Americans, or worse, a conflict with the involvement of Russia, China and Iran against America and NATO.

For now, the American counterattack has been limited to issuing propaganda reports on western mainstream media, but in Europe, NATO’s leader, Jens Stoltenberg, has said that the alliance will mobilize more weapons and personnel to Turkey and other nations that surround Russia in an attempt to intimidate its leadership.

In another example of how the political and military power of the U.S. is being challenged, the head of the European Union, Jean Claude Juncker said at a press conference that Brussels would not let the U.S. dictate the bloc‘s foreign policy, especially with regard to its relationship with Russia. Almost immediately, the EU partially lifted the trade embargo imposed under on Russia at the request of Washington. Today, Washington also announced the end of its $500 million program to train and arm terrorists in Syria due to the inability of the rebel groups to remain faithful to American interests. According to Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter, the U.S. will launch a new program to recruit other groups as proxy warriors.

The table is set for a battle between opposing sides of the same control system.

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