President Donald Trump was exonerated of false charges and baseless claims issued by Leftist media for two years.

“Complete exoneration, no collusion and no obstruction of justice”, proclaimed Donald Trump while Democrats, inversely disappointed, still do not throw in the towel.

After spending almost two years under suspicion and repeating more than 200 times “no collusion”, special prosecutor Robert Mueller has agreed with him, according to the summary from Attorney General William Barr, which he sent to legislators yesterday.

A total of 22 months of work by the Mueller team, which included lawyers, 40 FBI agents, as well as intelligence analysts and other officials ends with a conclusion offered by Mr. Barr.

After the investigation concluded, no one has found that any member of the Trump team to be in association with, conspiring or coordinating with Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election.

To clear up any doubt, Barr added a quote from the report: “The investigation does not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in interference activities in the elections.”

Mueller maintains, always according to Barr, that in the obstruction matter, he did not carry out an exhaustive investigation. Such investigation was not conducted because of lack of time or resources or because Trump obstructed it, but because Mueller did not take it to fruition.

Barr, who took over his position five weeks ago, explains that according to Mueller’s investigation, there is no proof for the president to be accused of committing an offense of obstruction of justice.

The Attorney General has made his revision throughout this weekend, along with the number 2 from the Department of Justice, Rod Rosenstein.

In his almost two years of work, Mueller’s office made 2,800 citations, heard some 500 witnesses, dictated 13 requests to foreigners in search of evidence and created more than 50 different records. He also witchhunted Trump associates for matters unrelated to the scope of his investigation.

“Our determination – clarifies Barr on the discarding of the obstruction – does not take place in the account, and is not based on the same, nor in the account the constitutional rights that surround the accusation and the criminal imputation of a president in the exercise.”

After some time, Trump’s Twitter was strangely quiet. On Sunday it was limited to a greeting of “good morning”.

It was necessary to wait for him to board the plane to return to Washington to listen to what he had to say. “A horrible investigation, many things damaged by all this. More ridiculous than I’ve ever heard. There is no obstruction or nothing at all. Total and complete exoneration,” he insisted.

Without accepting questions, he continued saying that it was a shame that the country and the president had to go through it, since before he was elected.

Mr. Trump said he hoped someone now looks to the other side, alluding to investigating Hillary Clinton’s handling of top secret emails, which the FBI mysteriously and suddenly refused to properly investigate.

Given the climate of permanent suspicion, the summary written by Barr incited new conspiracy theories by Leftist media and Democrats. “Congress voted 420-0 for the Mueller report to be made public in its entirety, without a summary of a general prosecutor who was selected.”

“You must make the report public entirety immediately,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren, one of the progressives who has announced her aspiration to run for president in the 2020 elections.

Mueller has not been included in the development of the summary, a circumstance that some consider malicious.

Rudy Giuliani, one of the president’s lawyers, confessed that “the result is better than expected”, while Democratic lawmakers joined the chorus demanding access to the complete report.

The diffusion of key points, as defined by Barr, may be the beginning of a long constitutional battle between Congress and the Department of Justice on whether the Mueller report should be made public or not.

According to Barr, sensitive material has been collected and must be subject to restrictions.

Shortly after receiving the letter from the attorney general, Rep. Jerry Nadler, president of the House’s judicial committee, tweeted that Barr intends to testify regarding “the disturbing discrepancies and the final decision of the Justice Department,”

He points out that he was referring to Barr’s decision to deny the obstruction of justice.

The investigation into the interference of Vladimir Putin’s executive hit the Trump government from the beginning. In his summary, Barr remarks that Russia carried out operations to influence the 2016 elections, through misinformation and the use of social networks.

Now, the Trump administration must focus its efforts on going after those who conspired against Donald Trump’s presidency, way before he was elected president. Those responsible belong to the previous administration, many of whom remained in government after Trump arrived in the White House.

The mainstream media should apologize to Mr. Trump, his family, and the world for continuously accusing him of collusion with Russia and of being a Russian agent. Democratic candidates and politicians should resign for pushing the Trump collusion hoax for two years without any proof.

John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey should be stripped of any and all access to intelligence and investigated for their participation in the Russiagate hoax.

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