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The Toll of War: 500,000 Yemenis flee their Country 

On March 26 the Arab coalition began a campaign to bomb Yemen in a supposed effort to stop the Huthi and defend the Government of Abdrabbo Mansur Hadi. Mansur Hadi is is a puppet of Saudi Arabia, but the Arab coalition alleges that their action responds to the fact that he is the only one recognized by the international community.

Regardless of the real agenda behind the US supported Saudi bombing of Yemen, the undeniable fact is that the relentless attacks have left over half a million Yemeni’s homeless. About 545,000 people have been forced to leave their homes, while at least 1,850 have been killed and 7,394 others wounded, according to the latest United Nations report published on Tuesday.

In addition to the more than half million people displaced since March, some 330,000 had already fled their homes earlier because of the precarious situation in Yemen. According to a spokesman for UNHCR, the UN agency for refugees, another 29,000 had fled to neighboring countries.

The UN agency also reports that some 250,000 Somali refugees in Yemen have also been affected by the conflict.

The UN announcement comes a day after the coalition resumed its bombing of Yemen following a humanitarian truce of five days. According to officials of the World Food Programme (WFP), “it was not enough” to help all the population at risk, only some 400,000 of the 738,000 people were reached.

Despite the fact that hundreds of thousands are still waiting to receive food and water, the Saudis did not concede an extension to the humanitarian truce requested by the UN.

On Tuesday, Saudi planes bombed several targets spposedly being held by Huthi rebels in Sanaa and its surroundings. The bombings in the capital, the first since the end of the truce on Sunday, have begun shortly before this morning and have targeted alleged Huthi arms deposits.

A house of the son of Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, Ahmed, an ally of the Shiite rebels, has also been the target of attacks. This is proof that the Saudi’s lie when they say they are only targeting weapons and declared rebel strongholds. They are also targeting civialians.

The Arab coalition had resumed activities on Sunday night immediately after the end of the cease-fire in preparation for air strikes against rebel positions, especially in the southern city of Aden, where the heaviest fighting has been taking place.

The US-supported bombing of Yemen

“The humanitarian situation is much deteriorated by the lack of sanitation and shortages of electricity, water and security, and Yemen needs millions of dollars to meet those needs,” said last week the Yemeni Communications Minister, Nadia al Saqaf.

The minister set at 1,400,000 people the total of Yemenis suffering from food insecurity as a result of the western-sponsored bombings, which have been added to the 10 million people who already live in that situation.

The Arab coalition has continued to bombard certain areas of the country, including populated areas and basic infrastructure, where its leadership says Shiite militiamen are present. The bombings are taking place while fighting continues between rival militia factions in southern provinces.

Humanitarian organizations such have repeatedly denounced the major humanitarian needs that this new conflict has added to the already difficult situation in the poorest country of the Arabian peninsula.

 Saudi Arabia and Washington block Humanitarian aid

Despite the apparent good will from the Arab and their American aggressors to allow for a five day truce, the truth is that the conditions in Yemen are only deteriorating.

As reported y Steven Lendman last week:

Hospitals can’t operate properly to treat patients and save lives. Since April 21, Saudi warships blocked a commercial oil tanker from reaching Yemen. Other vessels carrying humanitarian aid are prevented from reaching Yemeni ports.

Doctors and emergency workers who are embedded in the refugee camps in Yemen warn that war imposed conditions “prevent humanitarian organizations from delivering life-saving assistance.” This has been the latest report from a group of 47 humanitarian agencies.

While international organizations make an effort to send food, water, and power generators, among others, to fulfill basic needs, Saudi warplanes and ships block this humanitarian aid from reaching Yemen. According to Lendman, only “small amounts are arriving although far more aid is needed. The deliveries need to be authorized by Washington and the Saudis before they are sent it.

Lendman reported that:

Iranian international affairs advisor Ali Akbar Velayati cited international law saying “(n)o other country, under any name, is allowed to interfere in the internal affairs of other independent countries. Therefore, Yemen’s airspace (and coastal waters) belong to itself.”

No one in the world understands how can the United States and countries that make part of the Arab coalition justify their murderous campaign in the most impoverished country in the continent. The Arab-led bombing of Yemen resembles the last attack perpetrated by Israel against Gaza, which the Netanyahu government said intended to kill militia members and destroy weapons. We all know how that “humanitarian” campaign ended.

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