80 percent of the dead blamed on the plandemic are elderly. The chances of dying from COVID, if you are under 60 years of age are virtually impossible. Confinement has only aggravated infection, with numbers skyrocketing during the strictest periods of confinement. Wearing masks does not protect anyone; neither the healthy nor the vulnerable. Most of the dead, in the United States, for example, are nursing home patients, who were obligated to remain confined together with a large number of infected people.

The result of this pandemic is two-fold. First, governments breath deep and slowly as their bankrupt pension and healthcare systems will see easier days ahead, since most alleged victims of COVID are those who needed to receive pensions every month as well as being the most likely ones to need medical care due to their age and chronic medical conditions.

See, COVID has done governments’ coffers a great favor that goes well in line with Bill Gate’s plan to depopulate the planet and the more logical way to start that process was by removing those more dependant on government-provided fixed incomes -pensions- and those who depend on publicly ran healthcare programs. In his speech Innovating to Zero, Gates said the world needed to “do a better job” with population control and injecting vaccines.


No one, not even Gates himself could have thought of a better ally than COVID to help the world get ahead on his plan to depopulate the planet.

The media and national governments did a great job in pushing population control over the last 8 months, since COVID appeared in Wuhan, China. Fear was sold and continues to be sold every day. Confinement, although detrimental to avoid infection was forced on everyone, businesses were forced to close, companies were forced to fail and people’s livelihoods were forced to become “non-essential”.

The overpopulation myth continues to be pushed after Gates’ speech during a Ted Talk a few years ago.

“We must be aware that in this overpopulated world of 7.8 billion people, the mix of altered human behaviors, environmental changes and insufficient public health mechanisms around the world can easily cause unknown animal viruses to transform in existential threats to human beings,” reports the New England Journal of Medicine.

See, it is overpopulation. It is a blessing that COVID came around, isn’t it? It is altered human behaviours. Thank goodness that governments were around during the plandemic, so they could curve unwanted human behaviour to save us all from ourselves. And surely, thanks to COVID, those insufficiently funded health mechanisms will not take a breather to prepare for the next mutated virus launched from another lab somewhere which will present an even greater danger to humans!

Do you see a pattern here? According to Gates 7.8 billion people, or 9 billion, a number he predicted we would get to, would be unsustainable. So healthcare, reproductive care and vaccines would be instrumental in lowering population by at least 10% – 15%. But Gates was very clear during his Ted Talk that such a decrease would not be enough. In addition to reducing the population by 15%, carbon emissions had to be reduced to zero to be able to “save the planet”.

For Gates, as well as many other globalist luminaries, this is a simple math problem. Less people means less services that need to be provided, less healthcare, less nursing homes, less sick people, less CO2 emissions. He put it as: CO2= People x Services x Energy x Carbon. A new system has to be created, a new normal, explained Gates during his presentation. That system, he said, needs to run on renewables; the same renewables that could not power a city’s energy needs for a month and that in many cases pollute even more than fossil fuels.

Since renewables could never substitute fossil fuels in providing enough energy to power life as we know it, it is clear that life as we know it will change radically. Development would stall and so would innovation, production and economic growth. In terms of bringing progress to forgotten communities, which Gates says he cares for, it would make it impossible to provide life-saving services to poor regions of the planet, whose inhabitants would not be able to enjoy the benefits of technology anywhere beyond having a solar panel on their roofs to cook meals on a daily basis, if anything at all. That is what Gates believes climate justice looks like.

You can think about COVID as a dry run on the globalist plan to carry on with their agenda. In the new normal they want us to accept, the victims are all of us who managed to remain alive during the plandemic. If you do not believe it, take a look at what the New England Journal of Medicine says about the chances of having COVID 2.0: “There are reasons to fear that other zoonotic viruses will pass quietly, invisible, from other species to ours. Hopefully, we can put the demons back in the box (Pandora’s box). How does the journal know that? Well, in the same way Bill Gates knew about the plandemic before it happened.

“In less than nine months, the covid-19 pandemic has reached a symbolic death toll in the world that will continue to grow as long as science does not find an effective vaccine”, warns the globalist publication EL PAIS. “We are in September. Demons keep flying everywhere. In the United States – but not just here – the trajectory of the virus has largely depended on the stories told about it, many of them fictitious,” says the writer. While this newspaper and many others warn people about the impending danger of having a second wave of infection and cite fake numbers, such as that the US has seen 200,000 deaths from COVID, science does not support their fear-mongering.

For starters, the US death toll due to COVID is not even close to 200,000. As we reported before, the CDC has corrected those figures to just a fraction of the total reported earlier in the year. But when science is not on their side, mainstream media like EL PAIS have unforeseen allies.

Human beings are victims of the collective fictions that they spread. Scientists used the old myth of Pandora to illustrate the dangers posed by a rapidly changing planet. I don’t think they were thinking about the blatant misogyny of the story, but hatred of women, like hatred of blacks, immigrants, Jews, LGBT communities and urban elites, has favored the spread of the covid-19 in the United States,” explains Siri Hustvedt.

So you see, we got COVID because we suffer from “systematic racism”, which by the way is directly associated with being a Trump supporter. Right.

If that is not sufficiently demented for you, don’t worry. There are even crazier explanations as to why COVID came around and got worse over time. According to a study by Tyler T. Reny, where he studies male rules and the coronavirus, he concluded that “sexist ideas are, time and again, the most reliable indicator of emotions, behaviors and political attitudes related to the coronavirus and even the probability of contracting covid-19.”

So you see, it is because of males and Trump supporters that the planet got the short stick when it comes to COVID-19. But Reny goes even further. He says that “it is not possible to separate the biological, the psychological and the sociological. Social circumstances and political narratives are closely tied to the overall epidemic.” So when you have dissenting views from the official story, no matter how unscientific it is, you are to blame for COVID being worse than it would otherwise be if you just complied with all kinds of dehumanizing government policies that make you lose your job, your health and your life.

Hustvedt states in his article that calling a corrupt woman corrupt, calling out George Soros for his support of globalism and opposing Black Lives Matter and Antifa violence on the streets works in detriment of the most vulnerable in our society and makes COVID worse. Would you believe it? And don’t even think about listening to Dr. Li Meng Yan, a Chinese virologist who said on national television that China cooked the Sars Cov-2 virus before releasing it into the world from the Wuhan laboratory.

Hustvedt is right on one thing though: Fascist ideologies flourish by taking advantage of anguish and uncertainty, which is what liberals are doing in the United States, for example. People like Hustvedt want you to stay home, follow orders, stop dissenting, and be seated quietly while your time to be exterminated at the hands of China comes around. He counts on you to be scared, paralyzed by fake death numbers and alarmist visions of the future.

In a world where doctors who cheer for affordable treatments to be made available to COVID patients are censored by Big Tech, where journalists with dissenting opinions and even the president of the United States is censored by social media for telling the truth, and, where you obediently walk out of your house wearing a muzzle, because your government says so, it is clear that the real victims of the plandemic are not those who died in the last 8 months, but all of us who are still alive.

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