“Political correctness is tyranny with manners.”  —– Charlon Heston.

Political correctness is key in centralizing power. That is why more and more people, who are purportedly liberal or progressive, are all out to curve people’s choice of words and even thoughts.

The growing number of people who think that individuals’ speech should be regulated by the government to avoid politically incorrect statements are persons who have been hiding under the shadows for a long time as victims of the hatred they feel for their own lives.

People who feel entitled to restrain someone else’s speech are what I have come to call the “perpetually offended”. Scholars and academics who analyze the current move towards intellectual slavery as well as people who are well-aware about the agenda behind enforcing politically correct speech have found very insightful information about the “thought police”.

The real agenda behind politically correct speech and intolerance towards a diversity of ideas is that political correctness is a manipulative tool for centralizing power. Just as that that who counts the votes is more important than those who vote, and just as those who control food can control a population; controlling speech enables diversity-of-thought haters to take over people’s mental abilities.

“The left is definitely using these mass manipulation tactics,” says Stella Morabito, a former intelligence analyst. She says that conservatives have no clue about the propaganda manipulation tactics and that most people in the left aren’t even knowledgeable enough to understand it. They just go along with the flow.

According to Morabito, mass ignorance is key in bringing about the type of society we live in and the kind of environment the Elite has planned for us all. She says that the very human fear of being rejected is one of the pillars of the current move to divide social groups that would otherwise make strong links among individuals.

In other words, people, who for a long time have felt left out, are the most likely to open their ears and join so-called liberal movements. Unsuspecting supporters of Feminism, LGBT, Gender Equality and other left-wing movements are included in the group of potential victims.

Recently, Thierry Meyssan explained how companies that are in the business of setting up campaigns and movements work in favor of a candidate or an idea to make it mainstream.

Separating society into small groups and making those groups go after each other is paramount if the Elite is to be successful in destroying human identity. Language manipulation through the imposition of a veil of semantic fog has become a powerful tool in turning individuals into self-censoring, mindless and easily controllable beings.

“If we revisit the example of the “quick public opinion shift” on same-sex marriage — which was basically an implausible idea 15 years ago — we might ask: why did the activist push for it became so fast and furious? Couldn’t the idea withstand real public discourse and stand on its own merits without extreme public shaming of anyone who had doubts?  Couldn’t it have come about through the legislative process without an activist judge overturning the referendum results of an entire state? Or Supreme Court justices claiming that those opposed were filled with “animus?”

The effective capture of society is done via the most important communication outlets, including the media, Hollywood, pop culture, academia, religion, and more recently, the family. “If you push an agenda to centralize power, you need mass ignorance and effective propaganda,” Morabito explains.

The Elite’s agenda to centralize power and control is brought upon society in disguise, hidden behind messages of fairness, equality and anyone who dares speak their mind against the brainwashing movement is immediately accused of driving homophobic speech, racism, anti-Semitism, of being a womanizer, a holocaust denier, a ‘flat earther’ and so on.

“Opinion cascades, particularly on ideas that seem implausible — rely on a great deal of propaganda and agitation, through political correctness. They are very fragile things.  The survival of such opinion cascades requires a lot of tweaking and teasing and discipline and balancing acts by those pushing them, including activists, politicians, celebrities, academics, media moguls.” That is precisely how the masses of the perpetually offended get mobilized. In simple terms, the Elite gives the naked Emperor a new set of clothes that only the brainwashed are able to see. In reality, though, the Emperor is naked. “It’s all about conditioning,” says Morabito.

When propaganda alone does not work, the Elite resources to PsyOps. Psychological Operations are far more complex than propaganda, which is aimed only at deforming the perception of reality. This tactic is often used to convince people who have resisted the propaganda and to reinforce the thoughts of those who are already in the bag.

Companies like SCL, whose business is to profile human drones and zombies who feel left out, offer their services which include “using behavioural techniques in order to fabricate a political party which would sweep its client to power.” Psychologists in these company and others “define the profile type of the sincere and manipulable militant”. Later, data is collected, usually by paying off companies like Amazon to obtain data from target populations. An analysis is conducted to find out who best fits the profile. Based on this information, the company designs a message that will convince people to support their idea or personality.

“Through propaganda and agitation, you get behavior modification on a mass scale. Yesterday it was same sex marriage.  Today it is transgenderism.  Tomorrow? It could be absolutely anything at all.”

The techniques used to manipulate masses of people come directly from academia, where specific terms are employed to name mass manipulation tactics. “Availability cascade” is an academic term that basically has to do with manufacturing public opinion approval for a policy of some sort.  Any kind of policy at all,” explains Morabito.

Brainwashing the masses is as easy as injecting a new idea into public discourse, to turn it available to the target masses. Fake populism is one of the best tools to manipulate the public, which is why politicians have attempted to master populism for a long time. The goal is to “saturate the media with praises for the idea, and add just the right celebrity endorsements,” says Morabito. We saw this tactic during Super Bowl 50’s halftime show, where performers used explicit visual tools to send a message to the dissatisfied masses of people who were tuning into the broadcast.

The dangers of falling for the political correctness gimmick is that there is no way back. Once people fall in the deep hole of thought control, there is little to do to bring them back. We need far more conversations about how political correctness – i.e., coercive thought reform – undermines our ability to think independently,” warns Morabito. She agrees with the fact that once people’s ability to think freely is gone, they become ideal subjects of manipulation. “On a mass scale, this is very bad for any society.”

The question is, how do we prevent ourselves and other people who live around us from being manipulated? How can we build a shield of protection against coercive thought reform? The answer is, by learning more about it, by learning how to identify it and how to reject it. Once we are able to create a shield, it is possible to go out and help others. Put it simply, it is necessary to hack-proof your mind.

In this article, the author provides a list of books that will help anyone build the shield, keep it strong and elevate its intellectual ammo to go out and have conversations about how political correctness threatens the free human mind.

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