They are now coming for your pensions, retirement money, your property and your livelihoods.

BRAZIL – Multiple perspectives are better than one perspective.

No one denies that Dilma and Lula have been scoundrels for Brazil as a whole, but what alternatives did Brazilians have in the last election?

The answer is none.

Lula, Dilma, Marina Silva and Aécio Neves are just poster people for the same banking elite that controls a great deal of governments around the world.

Domestically, Lula was seen as a figure that rose from the shadows of poverty to achieve the Brazilian version of the ‘American Dream’.

The story goes that he used to be a nobody who became somebody. What almost no one talks about is how this nobody was always supported by a mafia of scum bags who had a very clear idea about the future they wanted, and Lula provided a unique opportunity to achieve that goal. Lula was the poster boy that PT needed.

Meanwhile, Dilma was a product of Lula, a former terrorist herself, she was taken into the safe wings of the Worker’s Party (PT) to be groomed and molded to become the first woman president.Just as it happened with Obama in the United States – the first Black president in the history of the nation – Dilma was able to sway feminists and useful idiots into believing that a woman would make the difference. Little did they know that, just a few years later, she would be presiding over the largest corruption scandal in the history of the government’s oil monopoly.

Then, Silva and Aécio appeared out of no where as supposed alternatives to PT’s deep-rooted corruption.

But the new ‘alternatives’ were not alternatives at all. They were, from the start, heavily supported by foreign interests, the CIA and billionaire George Soros.

After accusing Dilma and Aécio of everything possible, Silva gave her support to Aécio, who automatically inherited the cash from Soros.

What a powerful trio: Aécio-CIA-Soros.

Everyone would believe that, after seeing the elections we saw, Dilma would be automatically the opposite to Aécio, but what Dilma and her second term represent today is a time of transition.This transition will take Brazil from being a socialist country to become a neoliberal after Aécio is sworn into office in 2018.

Dilma and her political partners are supposed to be representatives of the working class in Brazil, yet, it was under her mandate and Lula’s mandate, that all corruption records have been broken.

A well-known example is the fraud committed at Petrobras. Another example is the Mensalão scandal.

But PT’s job is not complete yet. As mafia-like as the Worker’s Party is, there is a bigger, more powerful mafia that is about to takeover power in Brazil.

Recently, Dilma named Joaquim Levy as finance minister. For those who are not aware, Levy is a former asset manager at the Bradesco banking conglomerate. “He is a leading Brazilian proponent of orthodox neoliberalism, having earned a PhD at the University of Chicago, the same institution from which former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet drew his principal financial and economic officials,” writes Bill Van Auken, a full-time reporter, activist and politician.

According to Van Auken, Aécio Neves had warned that drafting Levy for the new Rousseff government was like appointing a top CIA agent being tapped to “run the KGB.” Despite Neves’ amazement, Levy is not a new name in Brazilian government. He served as a Brazilian Treasurer under Lula da Silva and a “senior economic official in the previous government of President Fernando Henrique Cardoso”. Mr. Levy also held top positions at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank.

It will be no surprise that as Dilma Rouseff’s second term comes to an end, new neoliberal, banking interests serving political prostitutes begin to fill in important posts in Rousseff’s administration. That is what lame duck presidents do in their second terms once they realize they control nothing in their government. Obama has done it in the US, naming more neocons to office -liberal neocons, that is – after denouncing their actions during the last Bush administration.

“After the corporate media and the CIA and George Soros manipulators tried to engineer Green Party-turned-Brazilian Socialist presidential candidate Marina Silva into the Brazilian presidency after the classic CIA textbook aerial assassination of Socialist Party presidential standard bearer Eduardo Campos, these same forces are at it again on behalf of Social Democratic Party candidate Aecio Neves,” wrote back in October Wayne Madsen, from the Strategic Culture Foundation. Madsen is a Washington insider and intelligence man who worked for the CIA himself for many years.

“Although Neves was polling in second place to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff before the first-round presidential election on October, the death of Campos and his senior aides in a highly suspicious plane crash on August 13, forced Neves into third place in polls. Silva, a favorite of Soros and his international network of cash-flush non-governmental organizations, was propelled into second place,” told Madsen.

As Madsen reports, “Silva’s connections to Soros and his team of interventionists and hedge fund tycoons was exposed.” Many Brazilians, who were very well aware of Dilma’s and Silva’s backers, as well as to how Soros and other banksters were directly managing the political campaign, left Silva’s camp. After Neves took over second place in the polls, Silva conceded and threw her support behind Aécio, Soros’s second selection to take over power in Brazil in 2018.

According to Madsen’s reporting:

[quote style=”1″]Neves’s chief economic adviser and the man who would become Finance Minister in a Neves presidency is Arminio Fraga Neto. A former close friend and associate of Soros and his Quantum hedge fund, Fraga is hoping that a Neves presidency will open up Brazil to “market forces,” the very same forces that have declared economic war on Venezuela and are attempting to swindle Argentina through vulture funds run by Soros’s Wall Street friends. Fraga, a habitué of the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is also a former executive with Salomon Brothers and a former president of the Brazilian Central Bank.

Fraga has also been linked to Goldman Sachs through a Manhattan real estate deal involving the purchase of a $7.5 million condominium from a former Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers executive. Fraga’s membership of the elitist Council on Foreign Relations and Group of 30 puts Fraga in the same camp as such Wall Street villains as Alan Greenspan, David Rockefeller, former Bank of Israel chairman Jacob Frenkel, and Wall Street apologist/columnist Paul Krugman, and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers.[/quote]

But you see, the works of the corporate elite hereby represented by bankers and CIA operatives does not end there:

[quote style=”1″]In addition to the Central Intelligence Agency arranging for convenient plane crashes such as those that killed Portuguese Prime Minister Francisco Sá Carneiro, Panamanian leader Omar Torrijos, and Ecuadorian President Jaime Roldos all within a six-month period between December 1980 and April 1981 [after the election of Ronald Reagan as U.S. president and the return to power within the CIA of George H W Bush’s and William Casey’s infamous gunslingers], the agency’s Technical Services Division continued to develop biological weapons, including cancer weapons, to assassinate its political targets.[/quote]

Levy’s appointment as finance minister paints a clear picture of the situation Brazil will begin to see in a few years time. Levy is well-known for being a budget-cutter, a policy that matches perfectly the globalist banker elite plan to take austerity far and wide around the world. Levy’s arrival to public office is the beginning of a tremendous attack not only on the most disadvantaged classes in the country, but also on the new middle-class.

Budget-cutting policies to be enacted in the next 24 months will be welcomed by the international corporatist investors, who will take the opportunity to buy up every single valuable Brazilian asset as the country collapses into stagflation.

It is not coincidence that Levy’s selection for finance minister immediately drove stock prices up in BOVESPA. His designation immediately resulted in praise from globalist controlled publications like the Financial Times, The Economist and others. Levy’s choice was not simply a change in the way Brazil’s finances are managed, it was also a sign that the Brazilian elite was ready to play ball with the foreign banking elite.

With him in office, Dilma will now begin implementing economic and financial policies that will be exactly the opposite to what her dear PT has called for in the last 12 years. “She will have to defend an economic programme that will be unpopular and which is closer to that of her defeated opponent, Aécio Neves, than to the one she campaigned on,” rightly pointed out The Economist.

The Brazilian economy has now entered into a recession and the banker suggested solution to such situation will be to cut social spending, the same recipe adopted in France, Greece and Cyprus.

“Aecio Neves represents the interests of Wall Street, which is manifested by the presence of Fraga as his chief economic adviser. Wall Street vultures, including Soros and Fraga’s other associates in New York, want to privatize the Brazilian state-owned Petrobras oil corporation. Therefore, Aecio Neves has been handsomely bought off by the same globalized financial interests who attempted to engineer Marina Silva into office. With her defeat, these same forces have unsurprisingly rallied behind Neves,” warns Madsen.


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