A better ability to connect, more credibility, and leadership are some of the characteristics shown by those who, in addition to being true to themselves, are clear and correct in their speech.

Change a single word, turn a politically correct phrase into the opposite, and you will gain all the credibility you could wish for. They will see you as a person immune to the influences of others, as a committed leader. That is not irony, but the real standing of someone who, despite common wisdom, decides to be authentic in a world infested with plastic personalities.

That’s what scientists say about human behavior at the Berkeley Haas School of Business in California. They have analyzed the differences between the careful language and expressing real feelings in a direct, clear way. But how is it possible that such an attitude generates so many dividends?

It’s all about calling things by their names and plain and simple sincerity. Political incorrectness is a matter of connection; connecting with people who are used to interacting in fake environments with soft, fake language in safe bubbles where no one ever speaks what he thinks.

If you want to connect, you have to speak in terms that the majority understand. It is a matter of communication and marketing. The dynamic that is set in motion is based on using words and terms that we can all understand quickly and easily.

We don’t have time and if we do, we want to use it for other things, so speaking clearly and directly saves everyone time and confusion. It is like the classic bar joke or the slippery elevator pitch.

It is necessary to be emphatic from the first moment. By going out of the ordinary, communication that does not follow established norms achieves the immediate effect of attracting attention, especially if you communicate with honesty.

The goal is not being offensive, but to communicate straightforwardly and never stop being yourself.

Being bold is not only about what you say, but also how you dress and move, for example. The first thing we look at is the image that a person projects. In just 10 seconds we are going to create an impression that is difficult to change later because our brain hates to oppose itself.

Political correctness is a social construct to supposedly avoid hurting sensibilities or gaining public reproach. Don’t disturb if you don’t want to be disturbed. Ironically, it is just the opposite. It is the path that ends up uniting people.

It is not that political incorrectness opens more doors or makes you look like a hero. It is that being direct and clear with people, letting them know where you stand will avoid problems that people who lie or speak carefully will indeed have later, precisely because there were not blunt.

When we transmit strong emotions we leave the script, and if we transmit them with intensity we can act as a magnet, attracting and repelling observers, depending on their emotional charges.

The voice also stands out for its emotional charge and can exert on others the effect of the flute of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. But, how to play this instrument?

It could be considered politically incorrect to transmit exaggeratedly through the volume of voice, the speed of speech, the intonation, or an overflowing passion, all of which is part of human nature. There will be people who feel touched in the depths of their being by these people and follow them ardently.

In this case, Donald Trump comes to mind, when talking about political incorrectness. From the first analysis, it was clear that the American people wanted someone in the White House who would not bend to public opinion, poll results, and the thoughts of pundits.

It’s not about being an alpha male or alpha woman. It is not about feeling superior and definitely not about feeling inferior. It is about being able to connect, to have and maintain credibility and to become a leader in addition to being true to yourself.

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