Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, attacked both US President, Barack Obama and the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton after their statements on the shooting at an Orlando LGBT nightclub.

Trump resumed his attacks against President Obama and against his possible rival in the November election, Hillary Clinton, who still refuse to mention Islamic radical terrorism in their statements.

Trump condemned the attack as a “horrible” incident and tweeted that he devoted his prayers to all the victims and their families.

“When will this stop? When will we finally be tough, vigilant and smart?” Hours earlier he had informed his followers about the “terrible shooting in Orlando.” Trump reminded his followers that Police were investigating whether it was a case of terrorism and that there were many dead and wounded.

Until then, Trump’s messages distanced themselves from the type is is used to publishing on his Twitter account. But on Sunday afternoon, two messages unleashed his views.

In the first, Trump thanked followers for their messages on his correct assessment on Islamic terrorism. Trump said he did not want compliments, but “strength and vigilance.” “We have to be smart,” he insisted.

in the second, he went directly to the president, who had to appear before the media at the White House. “Will Obama mention the words radical Islamic terrorism?”, he asked rhetorically.

Trump has made it clear that he believes that the Democrats are not sufficiently tough on terrorism so they avoid this terminology. “If he doesn’t mention it, he should immediately resign in shame”.

Earlier, Trump’s electoral campaign team had used the worst slaughter in the United States since the attacks of September 11, to indirectly criticize Clinton, also, for not attributing the slaughter to radical Islamic terrorism.

“America will only get worse if our president can not recognize these three words: RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM”. Trump’s campaign has repeatedly defended his plan to prevent the entry of Muslim citizens to the United States if they cannot be properly vetted.

The White House said on Sunday morning that President Obama had received all the information about the attack that left 50 dead and 53 wounded in Orlando by his National Security and Counterterrorism Adviser, as reported by the press secretary the White House.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families”. Obama has also asked the FBI to report regularly on the progress of the investigation.

The US vice president, Joe Biden, has also joined the voices of solidarity with the victims and sent his condolences to the victims. Biden “offers his prayers for all those killed and wounded in the shooting,” according to a statement from his spokesman.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, issued a statement in which he joins Americans “in their prayers for the victims” of the attack in Orlando. “The LGBT community: can count on millions of allies around the country,” said Clinton.

I’m One of them,” wrote the candidate.” We need to keep weapons like those used last night out of the hands of terrorists and violent criminals,” said Clinton.

On Sunday morning, Clinton had posted a message in English and Spanish about how she had awakened “with the devastating news of Florida,” she declared on Twitter. “While we wait for more information, my thoughts are with those affected by this horrible act. “

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