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Trump Dumps the Media and Calls them out on their Lies 


The President-elect sidelined the media in a direct message to the American people.

After the US election, the mainstream media was expected to apologize and to correct their biased reporting. Although apologies were issued; sort of, the media did little or nothing to change their reporting. That is not what the American people and the rest of the world expected.

Pretty much from the beginning of his race to the White House, Donald Trump simply bypassed the media and spoke directly to the people via social media. On Monday, it was not different.

Trump published a short message in which he stated the agenda for the first 100 days of his presidency. “I want to provide the American people an update about the transition and our policy plans for the first 100 days,” said Trump.

No one in the media knew that Trump would bypass them once again. Although the bullet points of his agenda were leaked to the press earlier on Monday, Trump made his official announcement via social media first, and in doing do, for the first time as President-elect, Trump officially dumped the mainstream media as the conduct to talk to America and the rest of the world.

Before issuing his message, Trum had met with representatives from the dying dinasour media, including personalities from CNN, NBC, ABC, and others. The meeting took place at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

“I enter a room full of liars, you are all liars,” Trump is reported as telling them as he joined the representatives.

More than a friendly first contact, it seems to have been an unprecedented call for accountability, the kind that no President-elect had performed ever before.

About 40 prominent journalists and executives from CNN, NBC, CBS and Fox were summoned by Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway in the iconic New York building.

At first they thought they were there to talk about the relationship between them and the tycoon after he officially occupied the White House. They were in for a surprise.

According to the New York Post, the President-elect directly attacked some of those present. He had no qualms about accusing everyone of giving false and dishonest information.

One of the main objectives of his reprimand was CNN.

Trump dismissed its president Jeff Zucker as being a liar, just like the rest of the TV workers: “I hate your TV station, you should be ashamed, you’re all liars,” Trump said

The newspaper that has leaked the talks says that Trump told reporters how lost they were.

“You have not heard of anything that is happening in the country. You have been dishonest with your profession and with the nation,” he added.

“I do not understand how you do not feel embarrassed,” he reproached them.

As for his plan for the first 100 days, Trump explained that his transition is going smoothly, quite the opposite of what has been reported by the mainstream media since he was elected last November 8. “Patriots are being brought in, and soon they will part of our government,” said Trump during the recorded address.

“Whether it is producing steel, building cars of curing disease, I want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland,” said Trump.

Bye bye TPP

The president-elect issued a video communiqué Monday announcing a package of measures for the first 100 days of his term, which begins Jan. 21, and certified the death of the economic alliance led by Barack Obama, the so-called Transpacific Partnership or TPP.

“I am going to issue a Notice of Intent to withdraw from the TPP, a potential disaster for our country, instead we will negotiate fair bilateral trade agreements that will return industrial jobs to the shores of America,” Trump said.

The TPP, signed in 2015, established a new framework of so-called free trade between 12 Pacific countries, led by the United States and Japan, but not including China.

The exit of the United States from the TPP marked the APEC meeting last weekend. The gathering ended with a statement in defense of free trade in response to Trump’s rhetoric.

“My agenda will be based on a simple basic principle: putting America first,” says the next president of the United States, whose electoral campaign ran on the back of very nationalist messages, which the media has called “racist”.

In energy, Trump says it will cancel “destructive restrictions on employment,” including shale gas and clean coal, which it believes will “create millions of well-paying jobs.” It will also lower the regulatory burden, he says, with a rule that “for each new regulation, two old ones will have to be eliminated.”

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