Donald Trump is not dead as a candidate. After his most recent controversy generated by the leak of a private conversation between him a reporter back in 2005, Trump came out swinging against Hillary Clinton.

He started the second presidential debate on the defensive and apologized countless times for his “comments”.

If there was any doubt that Trump would stay in the race until the end, last night’s debate was proof that the Republican candidate will remain in it.

Proof of this came as soon as the debate ended. His running mate, Mike Pence, who aspires to the vice presidency, tweeted: “Congratulations  his great victory in the debate. Proud to be with you. ”

Pence is an evangelical ultraconservative Republican who strongly condemned Trump after the scandal of his sexist remarks to the point of refusing to campaign during the weekend. Some Republicans have claimed Pence was an ideal replacement for Trump after the scandal.

The change in Pence’s attitude makes it clear that the campaign will run its course as planned.

Despite mainstream media polls, where according to voters, Hillary Clinton won the debate, the truth is that Trump not only managed to recuperate his stance in the presidential race, but he also savagely attacked Clinton as no one had ever done it before in her political career.

The debate began with a shaky Trump and a calm Clinton, but as time went by, Trump unloaded on Clinton’s failures as a Senator for New York and a Secretary of State.

Trump also went after Clinton’s complicity in the rape and abuse of women allegedly committed by her husband Bill, who was in the audience along with some of the women who accuse him of rape.

“This was just talk and I’m not proud of it,” said Trump about his comments on how he approached beautiful women. “I apologize to my family and the American people. Nobody has more respect for women than me,” he added.

Not long after Trump’s third apology in three days, Clinton went after him on that very subject.

“Anyone who heard him knows that what he said represents exactly what he is, because he also has targeted immigrants, African Americans, Latinos, people with disabilities, Muslims and our country must answer is, this not is who we are,” said Hillary.

However, when Trump responded to Clinton’s accusations by reminding the audience about Bill Clinton’s reported sexual assaults on several women, Hillary changed the subject and did not answer.

In fact, Clinton did not deny that the abuse took place or defended her husband, which along with her silence, manifested that perhaps she wasn’t willing to defend her husband’s actions on national television.

Hillary’s insecurity and lack of response to Trump’s accusations propelled Trump to the front. He became clearer and more forceful with his ideas than Clinton with hers.

The most amazing moment was when Trump warned Hillary that if he were elected president, he would appoint a special prosecutor to look into Clinton’s email scandal, which most likely result in Clinton going to jail.

The Democratic candidate said: “Luckily someone with Donald Trump’s temperament is not responsible for the law of our country” and Trump replied, “because if I were you’d be in jail.”

“Hillary to jail” was the slogan chanted at the Republican convention in Cleveland and the same slogan was also printed on caps and t-shirts all over the United States.

When it came to programmatic positions, the differences were clear between left and right, but Donald Trump managed to repeatedly contrast the supposedly progressive attitudes of Clinton with her links to the financial aristocracy of Wall Street.

When Clinton criticized Trump for not having paid taxes, which he did under the law, he replied that she had done nothing to change the law because it also favored her billionaire friends who were financing her campaign. Trump mentioned Warren Buffet and George Soros as two of the many billionaires who are giving to Clinton.

At the end of the debate, with the last question from a voter, Trump was better than Hillary. The young man asked the candidates to speak about a quality they admired from the rival. Hillary first hesitated and then said, “as a mother and grandmother I respect his children.”

For a moment, Trump seemed even more elegant: “I will say this about Hillary. She does not give up. I say things as they are. She is a fighter and that’s a very good trait. ”

Below are the highlights of last night’s Second American Presidential Debate:

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