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Trump: “Mentally ill people” not Guns “responsible for Mass Shootings” 


In one of his latest television interviews, Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, said gun violence is due to mentally ill people getting guns. Trump rejected the notion that more firearms is the problem and insisted that places with the most stringent gun laws are the most violent.

Trump advocated for more help for mentally ill people as supposed to more gun laws, which he said, are ineffective in preventing mass shootings. Trump cited places around the world and in the United States, such as Chicago and Baltimore, where despite strong gun control laws, local governments have failed to stop violent crime.

In the United States, the Second Amendment protects people’s right to own firearms, yet both the president and the majority of politicians in office advocate for more restrictions to that very right. People like the former Democratic Speaker of the House, Nanci Pelosi, has explicitly said that, if it was up to her, she would confiscate all firearms from “Mr. and Mrs. America.”

Mr. Trump has become the poster boy for what many believe are traditional American values. Amy the ong them seems to be the right to own a gun as awarded by the US Bill of Rights.

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