Scoundrel media postmortems following Sunday’s Trump/Hillary face-off didn’t surprise – deplorably one-sided like reporting throughout the campaign.

Shameless NYT pro-Hillary press agent journalism makes Fox News look good by comparison. The self-styled newspaper of record finds new ways to reach unchartered lows.

Headlining “Mr. Trump Goes Low,” Times editors called his campaign “decadent” – for daring to skewer Hillary’s deplorable public record its reports and commentaries ignore, disgracefully reinventing the most ruthlessly dangerous presidential aspirant in US history.

Calling her “the only adult on stage, the only one seeking to persuade the great majority of Americans that she shares their values and aspirations” despicably turned truth on its head – customary Times sleaze, hard truths suppressed.

Whatever Trump says, doesn’t say, does or doesn’t do, The Times and other media scoundrels pound on him relentlessly, a daily tirade of vilification – notably in both so-called presidential debate spectacles, one more to go.

The Times saying “a woman is getting the better of him” ignores a money-controlled political process rigged to anoint her Obama’s successor. Trump never had a chance – to be formally announced shortly after polls close on November 8.

Prepare for greater than ever state terrorism next year, escalated war on humanity at home and abroad, including possible, maybe likely, use of nuclear weapons threatening everyone.

Trump v. Hillary on Syria

Hillary’s almost certain ascension to power next year assures escalated US aggression on Syria – flashpoint conditions threatening explosive East/West confrontation if not resolved.

Hillary wants Assad forcefully toppled, full-scale war her strategy of choice, including continued use of ISIS and other terrorist groups as imperial foot soldiers.

During Sunday’s presidential debate (sic), she said “(w)e need some leverage with the Russians…” She lied adding “they’re not going to come to the negotiating table without” it.

Fact: Russia is the only world power going all-out for world peace and stability, notably in Syria and Ukraine. US subversion undermines its good faith efforts.

Hillary: “I would not use American ground forces in Syria. I think that would be a very serious mistake.”

Fact: US special forces are already there in unknown numbers (along with thousands of combat troops in Iraq). A Pentagon airbase is being illegally built on northern Syrian territory.

American warplanes strike its infrastructure and government targets regularly, its troops deliberately at least one time – on the phony pretext of combating ISIS.

Hillary lied, claiming Russia and Syria are responsible for conditions in Aleppo. Moscow isn’t paying “attention to ISIS.” It’s only “interested in keeping Assad in charge.”

Fact: Washington launched naked aggression on Syria when Hillary was secretary of state, urging and orchestrating it, raping a nonbelligerent country.

Fact: She and other neocon lunatics infesting Washington fear Aleppo’s liberation could defeat their Syrian and regional imperial ambitions.

Fact: Russia is combating ISIS and other terrorists effectively. It believes international law is inviolable. America trashes it, operating by its own rules, wanting independent countries like Syria transformed into US vassal states.

Trump explained Assad, Russia and Iran are killing ISIS fighters. “I think it would be great if we got along with Russia. We could fight ISIS together,” he said.

“Almost everything (Hillary did) in foreign policy (was) a mistake…a disaster.” US Middle East policy reflects “stupidity.”

On Monday, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov cited disturbing US election campaign rhetoric, falsely blaming Russian interference, saying Moscow hasn’t and won’t intervene in America’s political process.

“(W)e know that the Russian card and the mention of our president has become an integral part of the US election campaign,” he explained.

Earlier Putin criticized anti-Russian political rhetoric, “recreat(ing) the image of the so-called empire of evil and us(ing) it for striking fear into (US) voters.”

It’s “very sad” to see how US public opinion is being “counterproductive(ly)” manipulated. “(W)e support any person in any country willing to build neighborly and partnership relations with us,” he explained.

“(O)f course, we are following closely what is happening in the United States, and we sympathize with anyone who is publicly calling for relations with Russia on an equal footing and sees that it is important both for their country and for the international community on the whole.”

Putin and other Russian officials are well aware of Hillary’s likely ascension to power next year, and the disturbing dangers she represents.

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