When America, Israel and their rogue allies wage war, civilians are considered legitimate targets – slaughtered in cold blood unaccountably.

Last Wednesday, Turkey, complicit with Washington, invaded Syria, committing naked aggression by any standard. Civilians in combat areas are being slaughtered or injured.

Reported casualties way underestimate the true toll. In all US war theaters, deaths and injuries are multiples higher than claimed. Reports indicate Turkish and Pentagon warplanes bombed civilian homes. Entire families may have been slaughtered.

Washington and Ankara support ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria. Erdogan lied claiming military operations were initiated to protect Turkish borders and combat terrorism.

He’s waging war on Syrian Kurds along with occupying territory he hopes to annex, suggesting current operations may be expanded to include more northern Syrian territory – with US support and encouragement.

World leaders remain silent instead of condemning naked aggression and demanding Security Council action, including against America for involvement in what’s ongoing.

Turkey’s invasion upped the stakes for greater war – mission creep heading toward full-scale conflict to topple Assad forcefully, install pro-Western puppet governance and declare victory, the next chapter to be pursued when Hillary succeeds Obama.

She publicly favors regime change by whatever means it takes, including greater US involvement in war without mercy to gain America another imperial trophy.

Saying “(w)e cannot allow terrorists to intimidate us into abandoning our values and our humanitarian obligations” is code language for urging greater naked aggression against an already ravaged and destroyed Syria than currently.

It signals continued conflicts in all US war theaters along with initiating new ones, setting the Middle East and beyond more ablaze than already – while blaming Russia irresponsibly for failing to resolve things diplomatically, White House press secretary Josh Earnest saying:

“As long as Russia is willing to support the Assad regime’s murderous military tactics that often claim the lives of innocent women and children, the more difficult it is for a political solution to be reached,” adding its actions “fuel extremism” in Syria.

Assad maintains strong popular support for responsibly combating US-supported terrorism, its imperial agenda, its rage for dominance, no matter the cost in human lives, vast destruction and unspeakable human misery.

Syria remains a dangerous flashpoint – perhaps prelude to turning US cold war on Iran, Russia and China hot if Hillary succeeds Obama.

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