The Syrian government accused Turkey today of supporting terrorism and criticized the neighboring country by describing himself as a victim of terrorists, according to the official Syrian news agency Sana.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry sent two letters today to the Secretary General of the United Nations and the Security Council, in which he said that Turkey has not stopped conspiring against Syria in four years of war.

According to the government of Damascus, Ankara has lent his support to terrorists from over 100 countries who have crossed into Syria through its territory to join groups like the Islamic State and Al Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda.

Therefore, “Syria rejects the Turkish regime’s attempts to portray itself as a victim who is defending itself, when everyone knows what this regime has done everything to provide all kinds of support to terrorist organizations,” the letters explained.

Syrian authorities put as an example the fact that ISIS is stealing oil, grains, cotton and antiquities from Syria and is selling them in Turkey, with the knowledge of the Turkish Government.

They added that Turkey trained terrorists of the Al Nusra Front and other groups affiliated with Al Qaeda, acting under the name of “Army of Al Fatah”, in addition to providing them artillery ammunition when they entered the province of Idleb, in northern Syria.

In doing so, Turkey helped the coalition formed by the Al Nusra Front and other armed factions in Idleb, to snatch the territory of the province from Syrian army forces.

Regarding the Turkish offensive against ISIS in northern Syria, the Damascus government said that “it is better late than never,” but questioned the honesty of Turkey’s intentions as it warned that it may be a pretext to attack Kurds in Syria and Iraq, or that Turkey is carrying out the attacks to respond to national policy objectives.

Friday morning, Ankara allegedly launched an air offensive against ISIS targets in northern Syria. One day later the bombings were extended to targets from the Workers Party of Kurdistan (PKK) in northern Iraq.

Proposes new United Nations approach to conflict

While Syria is attacked by terrorist groups, the UN proposed today a new process of negotiation to end the war in Syria on the basis of the Geneva Communique, the document agreed three years ago to promote a ceasefire and a political transition.

After consulting for months with the parties, the United Nations mediator, Staffan de Mistura, plans to launch a series of “parallel, simultaneous and thematic discussions” that through “working groups” formed by the different Syrian factions, address the “key aspects of the Geneva Accord”.

“Amid the huge gaps, there are points on which consensus can be built and under which a credible political process can have a chance,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, when he presented this new initiative before the Security Council.

As we reported yesterday, the only two other options taken into consideration at this moment are continuing the war being waged against Syria by western-backed forces and establishing a so-called safety zone, which will then be strengthened with a no-fly zone.

Western powers intend to use this buffer zone to establish a launchpad for terrorist guerrillas that will attack other areas of Syria.

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