For the past four years, I have waged a David against Goliath battle that is without precedent in human history.

The objective is to bring down the monster that the system of depopulation and globalization set up at the end of World War II has become.

Paradoxically, this system is for the preservation of international peace but the structural violence committed within nations to prevent war between nations has become more destructive than war itself. It is not the infrastructure that is being destroyed but the human fabric, threatening the very survival of the species.

How do you compel, as a single individual, the largest international coalition of forces and entities in history to abandon genocide that, for better or worse, has preserved the world from nuclear war since 1945? How do you do this when every national institution and every international organization has been harnessed to genocide?

How do you rescue mankind from self-destruction when the people you are trying to rescue are walking dead, utterly incapable of comprehending that they are being slowly annihilated or of defending themselves and their children because they are paralyzed and degraded by seven decades of chemical, biological and bacteriological war; a war that has rendered the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe toxic, and the rights and liberties we think we have a fiction, because our own governments and the United Nations have decided that this is the only way to defuse the overpopulation bomb?

First, you free the truth and scream it from the rooftops:

Chemical and Biological Depopulation

Killing Us Softly: The Global Depopulation Policy

Survival or Extinction

Second, you find allies:

Letters to Leaders

Third, you provide an alternative to genocide:

The OM Principles

Laws of Conscience and Consciousness

Manifesto of the Human Rights Party of Canada

Fourth, you survive all attacks and fight your way out of prison, again and again and again:

Activist Flees Canada in Terror

Motion for Stay of Proceedings on the Grounds of Non-Disclosure

Hunger Strike: Defending Freedom of Speech, Thought and Conscience in Education

Fifth, you exhaust all legal avenues:

Galalae vs. the United Kingdom

Application to the UN Human Rights Commission

Affidavit of Kevin Galalae

Sixth, you suffer and sacrifice publicly like no one else:


Seventh, you awaken the living dead one by one and fight your way through the traps:

Eighth, you issue an ultimatum to the people at the very top:

Stop Poisoning Us: Final Notice to Heads of State

I did and continue to do all of the above on the run, between imprisonments, penniless, under constant threat of renewed arrest or execution, in exile or under draconian recognizance conditions, away from my wife and children and doubtful whether I will ever see them again, under constant attack from every direction, under permanent surveillance, with borrowed computers because the global security apparatus burned four of my computers, paining for my abducted children whom I have not seen or heard about in nearly four years because the coalition of mass murderers in control of the world have imposed a ten year no-communication ban on me, and with little or no help save from my family and faithful friends and more recently also from a handful of dedicated supporters worldwide.

That is what it takes to change global policy. And if all of the above peaceful methods fail to work because the system has no built-in mechanism to change course, being a system instituted by mutual coercion mutually agreed upon, I will not hesitate to take the next necessary step, namely go to war, singlehandedly if I must, against our governments, which for all intents and purposes are terrorist organizations.

I give the United Nations until the end of October to announce that it has abandoned all covert methods of depopulation – be they chemical, biological, bacteriological, psychosocial or economic – and is pursuing global legislation for population control.

After that it is open season on our elected officials and the greatest purge in history will have begun.

What is at stake is my children and your children and no one will poison our children on my watch, not our governments, not the UN, and not God himself. Those who choose the wrong side will pay the ultimate price and will go down in history as evil incarnate.

I will see to that from this or the next world.

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