The UN largely operates as a wholly owned US subsidiary, serving its imperial interests – in flagrant violation of its Charter principles.

On November 30, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said world body aid is politicized – crumbs alone earmarked for thousands of Deir al-Zor residents, trapped by ISIS fighters, desperately needing help.

Most UN aid goes to US-supported terrorists. On Wednesday, Russia’s General Staff head of main operations Gen. Sergei Rudskoi accused the UN and other international organizations of refusing to provide humanitarian aid to Aleppo residents.

“The Russian Center for Reconciliation did not receive a single proposal on the humanitarian aid deliveries either from the UN or from any other international organization as if civilians no longer need food and medicine after militants have been driven out,” Rudskoi explained, Moscow alone providing it.

“The Syrian engineering units have launched a demining operation as well as the restoration of vital civil facilities.
Water supply has already been restored in some areas.”

“Officers of the Russian Reconciliation Center have organized the work to restore vital facilities so that civilians could return to peaceful life as soon as possible.” Yet the UN refuses to help, Ban Ki-moon obeying orders from Washington.

Separately on Wednesday, Putin stressed the importance of normalizing Russia/US ties with the incoming Trump administration, saying:

“Now that the election campaign in the United States is over and a new president is about to move into the White House, it is to be hoped that there will emerge a chance to establish relations crucial not only to both countries, but also to ensure international stability and security.”

US hostility toward Moscow “is not our fault,” he stressed. “Russia is prepared to meet (Trump) halfway.” Key is what America’s president-elect intends.

Will he end a near century of US hostility toward Russia? Will longstanding regime plans end? Will permanent peace replace permanent war? Will America’s imperial project end on his watch?

The last US president going this way was assassinated. JFK’s demise wasn’t lost on his successors.

After witnessing US imperial wars throughout my lifetime, including the global one FDR wanted and got, it’s hard imagining peace breaking out all over.

Trump was hired, not elected, at least mainly to continue longstanding US policy. Perhaps the best to hope for is avoiding cataclysmic nuclear war, most everything else to continue as usual.

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