On September 25, 1961, U.S. President, John F. Kennedy addressed the United Nations General Assembly. During his address, Kennedy warned representatives about the dangers of resourcing to war as a tool to end conflict, solve disputes or keep peace.

Keeping peace would need a new compromise by all nations, said Kennedy, who call for the United Nations to assume a new role to certify that peaceful disarmament was dutifully performed.

Referring to the failure of the UN during WWII, Kennedy issued a challenge about the role of the United Nations as a true supporter of peace. “But the great question which confronted this body in 1945 is still before us: whether man’s cherished hopes for progress and peace are to be destroyed by terror and disruption, whether the “foul winds of war” can be tamed in time to free the cooling winds of reason, and whether the pledges of our Charter are to be fulfilled or defied–pledges to secure peace, progress, human rights and world law.”

Ever since the creation of the UN, its founders have forgotten its real purpose, or at least the purpose they said it would serve: Keeping peace all over the world. Instead, the UN has become a prisoner of its creators, whose only interest is to use the UN to advance the agenda to “spread of democracy” by way of military, economic and political conquest.

Today, the world is at the edge of the precipice that Kennedy warned about. As many other leaders, Kennedy had faith in the UN as an influential political body, although it had never been such a thing. Kennedy prophetically warned about the threat that represented the capture of the UN as it has already happened. “To install a triumvirate, or any panel, or any rotating authority, in the United Nations administrative offices would replace order with anarchy, action with paralysis, confidence with confusion.”

JFK went further to explain his position as to what the role of the Secretary-General should be. According to Kennedy, the person in that position should not be a puppet, as it currently is. “The Secretary-General, in a very real sense, is the servant of the General Assembly. Diminish his authority and you diminish the authority of the only body where all nations, regardless of power, are equal and sovereign. Until all the powerful are just, the weak will be secure only in the strength of this Assembly.”

Kennedy believed, perhaps blindly, that the UN could be indeed a forum to discuss and resolve the existing differences between nation-states. “Whatever advantages such a plan may hold out to my own country, as one of the great powers, we reject it. For we far prefer world law, in the age of self-determination, to world war, in the age of mass extermination.”

Later in his speech, Kennedy warned again about the scenario that humanity should expect, if the leaders of the world did not abandon the old ways to deal with conflict. “The mere existence of modern weapons–ten million times more powerful than any that the world has ever seen, and only minutes away from any target on earth–is a source of horror, and discord and distrust.”

Kennedy was right. Humanity is now a prisoner of globalist interests, and these interests are defended with weapons that are millions of times more powerful what he could have ever imagined.


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