I´ve been in the news business for most of my life.

I began at 16 years of age, when everyone thought CNN was the top of the food chain.

I´ve been a journalist for over 22 years and there are very few things on the news that shock me.

Nowadays, one of the qualities needed to be a journalist, is to always be prepared to learn what most people ignore, to digested it – no matter how unbelievable it is – and to present it as understandable information.

Many journalists who work for alternative news sources go through what is called a period of awakening.

An awakening comes from learning how the world really works, who owns what, and how many influential intellectuals and politicians are bought and paid for by the governing Elite.

These intellectuals and politicians work together with powerful globalist interests, to define the present and future of all western nations.

Learning for the first time that a small group of people controls our lives in every single way is already shocking enough.

However, when I describe the real plan behind the United Nations´ Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, for example, people often believe it is all a conspiracy theory.

They usually respond with phrases such as “if the UN was planning to kill millions of people we would know”.

Other people prefer to think that if there was a conspiracy to kill most of us, “it would be all over mainstream media.”

The reason why uninformed people refuse to believe that such a plan exists is that they did not hear it from the mouth of former evil doers, who used to work for the Elite.

I will provide irrefutable proof of such a conspiracy below. Actually, a former UN operative will.

Traditionally, people who lean to the Left, that is, those who have socialist or communist allegiances are the perfect accomplices of the globalist cabal.

Terms such as “social justice”,  “redistribution of wealth” and “gender equality” are always used to justify destroying the social fabric of any country because they are attractive slogans to the uninformed masses.

Well meaning men and women, who truly believe in helping children and women through government sponsored programs, are the classic victims of globalist indoctrination.

For years, the UN, along with national governments and health agencies have been working together to push for the prostitution of the educational systems with the sole aim of destroying the family.

They are behind the continuous and relentless attacks on masculinity and the murder of  women and unborn children.

Not surprisingly, the secret death plan pushed by the United Nations and financed by pharmaceutical companies is presented and sold as “reproductive health” or even “family health programs”.

One hundred percent of the money spent by the UN and national governments is provided by the pharmaceutical industry, whose only interest is to globalize the access to their synthetic drugs. (See video below)

Both Big Pharma and the United Nations know about the deadly consequences of their so-called “health programs”, especially for women and children, the two groups they promise to defend.

The effort to destroy the social fabric by separating, not uniting families, is done consciously by the UN and Big Pharma.

This effort causes social balkanization and the imminent separation of women from men and children from their parents.

The ultimate goal is to create unrest in society and to collapse the west as we know it. In addition, there is of course a financial incentive.

According to a former UN operative in Latin America, pharmaceutical companies earn about 10 times what they invest in their “health programs”, many of which target what they qualify as undesirable third world populations.

Her name is Amparo Medina, a South American woman who used to work for one of the thousands of programs sponsored by the UN and Big Pharma to bring death all over Latin America.

Medina was in charge of writing policy papers and drafting bills that were later approved by corrupt politicians in countries such as Colombia, Peru, Chile and regions such as Central America, and whose initial purpose was to promote promiscuity and gender wars.

Her work, as she explains in the video below, caused not only promiscuity, but a significant increase in the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies in every country where UN-sponsored programs were implemented.

As a result, the UN and Big Pharma later promoted what is now known as the “right to choose”, a campaign aimed at promoting the legalization of abortions all over the continent.

As you may imagine, there are considerable amounts of money to be made if abortion is effectively legalized.

In addition, as it happened in the United States, where at least 45 million children have been aborted, the UN guarantees the elimination of millions of unwanted Latin American children; hence Latin American depopulation.

The same kind of policies are adopted and implemented in Africa, where NGOs and philanthropic foundations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation promote deadly vaccines on mostly black populations.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works hand in hand with the UN to target uninformed women in Africa.

The same is done through the World Food program, which delivers genetically engineered organisms in food products.

What shocked me in the case of Medina is to hear from her own mouth, despite knowing about the United Nations death plan, how depopulation is systematically being carried out by the UN under the auspices of family health or reproductive health.

It shocked me to hear that the UN, an organization that supposedly defends women and children the most, actually threatens their lives by implementing practices that result in the death of women and children while undermining the social fabric of the west.

What you will hear and see below is nothing else than the truth about the United Nations plan to bring death to Latin America through programs disguised as health initiatives.


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