The U.S. Department of Defense says it is investigating whether there have been civilian casualties as a result of coalition airstrikes against ISIS.

The military training carried out by the United States of so-called moderate opposition in Syria has continued and will continue up until the Spring of 2015, while advancing in the process of selection of the first militia that will attempt to erode Bashar Al-Assad”s government, said Tuesday at a press conference a Pentagon spokesman.

The Pentagon’s spokesman, Rear Admiral John Kirby, said the program could force an increase in US troops in the Middle East to assist in the work of military training of the international coalition against the Islamic State, the same people who the US called “moderates” before ISIS began to spread in Iraq, and who are responsible for the murder to thousands of Christians.

Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have offered their support to the United States to host training camps for these alleged moderate as the US supported opposition has become very weak and fragmented after more than three years of a proxy war against the Syrian government.

The US plan is to train 5,000 Syrian rebels, maintain joint aerial bombing campaigns that the US says is intended to end with ISIS and to assist and train Iraqi armed forces to put pressure on two fronts against Islamic extremists who have occupied zones in Syria and Iraq .

For now, the US has deployed 2,140 troops in Iraq to train the armed forces of that country. These troops are quickly nearing the 3,000 soldiers who have been authorized by the White House to make their way to Iraq.

According to Kirby, the rest of the troops could reach Iraq in the next four to six weeks.

For the first time, Kirby acknowledged that the Pentagon is investigating whether there have been civilian casualties as a result of coalition airstrikes against ISI, although so far he has ruled having obtained confirmation of innocent victims.

He also assured that ISISI “is on the defensive” in Iraq and that its progress has stalled, especially in the last two weeks. However, Kirby acknowledged that Sunni extremists still retain control of some parts of Mosul, Ramadi and Kobani near the border with Turkey.

As we have reported ad-nauseam, the U.S. has been caught sending weapons and training not only to ISIS fighters, but also to Al-Qaeda members in the Middle East while it swears it is fighting terrorism in the region.

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