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US Establishment Preferred Presidential Aspirants on Shaky Ground 

US Establishment

Months earlier, before campaign season got in full swing, odds favored a Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush November contest.

Things changed dramatically. After topping Sanders by more than two-to-one in earlier polls, both candidates are now virtually tied, momentum in his favor, notably as more disturbing facts about Hillary’s dark side become public knowledge.

An accompanying article said forget about gender and calls for finally electing a woman president.

She’s no populist savior, notoriously against peace, equity and justice, as mean-spirited as a sadistic street thug. Her public record as first lady, US senator and secretary of state prove it.

Sanders is more opportunist than populist, a shameless character in his own right. His deplorable voting record shows his call for revolutionary change is a complete hoax, one of his many Big Lies, his credibility sorely lacking.

He’s like all the rest, promising one thing, delivering another, his consistent record throughout years of public service, from local politics to Congress.

He’s part of America’s dirty system like all other political aspirants for top posts – a man of the people in name only, consistently betraying them.

Last year, his campaign was going nowhere, looking certain to be steamrolled by Clinton’s heavily financed, seemingly unstoppable juggernaut.

Campaign momentum often shifts back and forth during America’s endless political season.

Given Wall Street-led monied interests strongly for Clinton and notorious US election-rigging, Sanders remains an underdog, a long shot, enjoying his extended 15-minutes of fame – no matter what polls show.

Last June when Jeb Bush announced his candidacy, smart money had him easily becoming the Republican nominee – November’s contest looking like a deplorable choice between a Bush and Clinton dynasty, assuring dirty business as usual on steroids no matter the winner.

Clinton is still highly favored to represent Democrats this fall. Bush’s candidacy is fading, unable to gain traction, hanging on as long as possible before heading toward dropping out – given his 3% or less support in national polls.

His announcement message about wanting “the decades ahead (to be) the greatest time ever to be alive in this world” is a hollow forgotten echo, meaningless rubbish when stated.

His campaign is fast losing oxygen. He’s no longer a credible contender, perhaps one or two major primary defeats away from dooming his presidential run altogether.

Trump remains way out in front in national polls, maintaining momentum, his campaign looking unstoppable. A previous article said he masterfully outwitted, outmaneuvered and outfoxed seasoned politicians like Bush, beating them at their own dirty game.

Ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, Bush tried putting a brave face on his dismal prospects, saying “I feel (Tuesday) is going to give us an upset.”

Only if electoral rigging creates one. Iowa caucuses showed something distinctly rotten, Hillary likely stealing victory from the jaws of defeat.

Will things be rigged for Bush or another aspirant to defeat Trump the same way? Given his huge lead in New Hampshire and national polls, finishing second or worse would suggest unmistakable fraud.

Landslide New Hampshire Primary Results

Iowa caucuses portend little, rarely if ever determining what’s to follow. New Hampshire was the first primary.

It represents state or perhaps New England sentiment, not indicative of upcoming primary results.

Yet it’s significant enough to show Trump and Sanders’ candidacies are real, not flashes in the pan – duopoly power brokers no doubt plotting ways to turn things around for their favorites.

A long, seemingly endless, primary season remains, including so-called super-Tuesday on March 1, concluding in mid-June ahead of summer party conventions.

Republicans hold theirs from July 18 – 21, Democrats from July 25 – 28, each funded by deep-pocketed corporate interests and billionaires.

Sanders and Trump triumphed overwhelmingly in New Hampshire, swamping their rivals – Sanders over Clinton by a 60 – 38.4% margin, Trump besting 2nd place finisher John Kasich by 35.1% to 15.9%.

Iowa winner Ted Cruz slumped to 11.5%. Jeb Bush stayed alive with 11.1%. Marco Rubio registered 10.6%. Results for all other Republican candidates showed too little support to sustain their campaigns much longer.

Next up – the Republican South Carolina primary on February 20. Democrats hold theirs separately on February 27.

Recent polls showed Trump way ahead by a nearly two-to-one margin over Ted Cruz, Clinton swamping Sanders overwhelmingly, the margin varying by individual survey.

Whether New Hampshire results change things remains to be seen. Does it matter? America’s sham money-controlled political process lacks legitimacy, a democracy in name only, too corrupted to fix.

Duopoly power brokers decide things. Proportionally representative (PR) governance is absent. America’s rigged winner-take-all system lacks credibility.

PR represents all voters from all political parties (including independents) proportionally to their electoral strength. If candidates from one party win 30% of the votes, they get 30% of legislative seats. Not in America. Here, 50.1% takes all.

The Electoral College constitutes another systemic flaw. It’s fundamentally undemocratic. Bush v. Gore stands out.

Winning a popular mandate doesn’t matter – especially when five Supreme Court justices have final say, their choice overriding the electorate.

Sixteen times under Electoral College rules, winning presidential candidates got a minority of votes. Winner take all rules exclude runoffs. Popular favorites lose more times than people realize.

Most often, half the electorate opts out, wanting no part of a system not representing them. Presidents can be elected with as little as one-fourth of the popular vote or less.

Throughout US history, electoral legitimacy was sorely lacking. Today’s sophisticated technology facilitates election-rigging with electronic ease.

Corporate programmed and controlled electronic voting machines decide things, not enfranchised citizens.

Many legitimate voters are stripped from rolls, Blacks and Latinos most affected. Undercounts and overcounts are common.

Media scoundrels report none of this, suppressing what’s most important, perpetuating the fantasy of US democratic elections.

So-called super delegates are another issue, one getting no mainstream coverage. Republican and Democrat power brokers choose them separately from voter preferences.

Out of 2,380 Republican delegates, 153 (6.5) are chosen by party brokers, powerful insiders. Democrats are far worse with 795 (19.6%, including 308 elected officials) out of 4,048 delegates.

Super-delegates are free to support preferred establishment candidates, regardless of popular favorites. Democrats especially can swing things for Clinton if Sanders surprises by getting most primary delegates.

Scores of Republican super delegates could defeat Trump if his current huge lead narrows enough by convention time.

Big money-controlled politics assures corrupted results every time, voters having no say whatever. America’s political system is too dysfunctional to fix, democracy pure fantasy.

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