The Pentagon unsuccessfully tried deflecting attention by recklessly blaming Russia for its flagrant war crime.

It’s entire Syrian campaign is lawless – with no Security Council or Damascus authorization. The same goes for its rogue imperial NATO and regional partners, waging war on Assad on the phony pretext of combating ISIS.

On December 6, US-led warplanes bombed Syria’s army camp in Deir ez Zor province, killing four soldiers, injuring 12 others, as well as destroying arms, munitions and equipment.

The Pentagon denied being caught red-handed. A spokesman lied, claiming it’s “certain” Russia conducted the attack.

False! Russian intelligence has evidence of four US-led warplanes spotted over Syria’s Deir az-Zor military camp on December 6 when the attack took place around 8:00PM local time.

Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said “Russian aircraft were not on a mission in that area. All our flights in Syrian airspace are coordinated with air traffic control and the General Staff of the Syrian government’s armed forces.”

To avoid incidents between their aircraft and US-led coalition ones in Syrian airspace, the Pentagon is informed of their dates, times, altitudes and routes.
If US-led warplanes were not responsible for attacking Syrian forces, “why are the Pentagon’s representatives…hushing up the presence of their…aircraft” overflying Syria’s military camp on the day and time of the attack, Konashenkov asked?

Once Syrian authorities complete investigating shell fragments and other evidence on the ground, Washington and coalition allies won’t be able to duck responsibility for their flagrant attack, likely suggesting more hostile acts to come, including against Russia directly, elevating the risk of East-West confrontation.

Washington has been recklessly heading incrementally toward it, especially since installing Nazi putschists in Ukraine, followed by US-orchestrated war on Donbass, greater deployment of NATO forces near Russia’s borders, as well as provocative military exercises in the same areas.

Separately, Russia continues displaying its formidable military might, able to match or exceed Washington’s best.

For the first time, a Mediterranean-based Kilo-class submarine “Rostov-on-Don” launched sophisticated 3M-54 Kalibr cruise missiles with a 2,500 km range, traveling at three times the speed of sound, at Syrian ISIS targets.

Earlier, Russian Caspian and Mediterranean-based surface warships launched similar missiles at ISIS targets – each launch striking with precision accuracy.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said subsurface fired missiles “targeted two major terrorist positions in the territory of Raqqa. We can say with absolute confidence that significant damage has been inflicted upon ammunition warehouses and a mine production plant, as well as the oil infrastructure.”

On Tuesday, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said 300 sorties struck 600 terrorist targets in the last 72 hours alone – each one protected by Su-30 fighter planes equipped with air-to-air missiles.

Putin continues going all-out for regional peace and stability. At the same time, he issued a stark warning, indicating he’ll do whatever it takes to defend Russian sovereign territory, his comment clearly aimed at Washington, saying:

“We must analyze everything happening on the battlefield, how the weapons operate. The (sea-based) Kalibr (cruise missiles) and KH-101 (air-launched ones) have proved to be modern and highly effective, and now we know it for sure – precision weapons that can be equipped with both conventional and special warheads, which are nuclear.”

“Naturally, this is not necessary when fighting terrorists and, I hope, will never be needed.”

Given Washington rage for endless wars targeting all independent countries, the horror of devastating nuclear conflict perhaps is greater today than ever before.

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