TOW Guided Antitank Missiles have been around since 1970, upgraded over time for greater accuracy and destructive power.

ISIS was earlier supplied with shoulder-launched, man-portable, easy to operate, surface-to-air missiles (SAMS), able to down helicopters and low-flying aircraft. Perhaps terrorists in east Aleppo are getting them.

According to Russia General Sergei Rudskoi, they “continue receiving modern types of weapons, including” TOWs – indicating Washington wants endless war, not diplomatic conflict resolution.

At the same time, Moscow unilaterally declared an 8-hour humanitarian pause in Aleppo on October 20 – unlikely to be observed by US-supported terrorists.

“We are prepared to cease fire and ensure the unhampered access of medical personnel to the city and ensure the evacuation of injured and sick as soon as we get a request from humanitarian organizations,” Rudskoi explained.

“The Russian side is prepared to discuss any initiatives and proposals for a settlement in Aleppo.” US obstruction undermines its good faith efforts.

Since September, terrorists infesting east Aleppo killed hundreds of west Aleppo civilians, including over 130 children.

“The bombardments of social facilities, schools, mosques and street bazaars in western Aleppo by militants have become systematic.

On October 13, a mortar attack in the area of Sulaimaniya killed seven schoolchildren,” Rudskoi explained – media scoundrels ignoring the carnage.

Civilians, including children in west Aleppo are being killed and wounded daily, 13 lives lost on October 14 alone.

On Sunday, Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin said what’s ongoing in east Aleppo amounts to a “planetary-scale crisis,” desperate conditions in Syria to remain “pressing” for some time to come.

Endless cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution talks achieved nothing because Washington undermined them. Prospects for peace remain distant at best.

Perhaps years of fighting lie ahead, countless more Syrians to perish because of US imperial madness, advancing its agenda, mindless of cost in human lives and suffering.

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