Thaddeus Dionne Alexander a US veteran took to social media to condemn the destruction and violence with which Hillary Clinton and anti-Trump protesters have taken to the streets in several cities around the country.

Alexander explains in his video that none of the people who are now protesting on the street, burning American flags, breaking windows, and smashing cars and bullying Trump supporters understand reality.

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Before the election took place, mainstream media talking heads demanded that Donald Trump and his supporters accepted the result of the election as supposed to challenging it should Clinton be elected. As we can see now, that is a standard that liberals and democrats would not uphold themselves.

We also know that the force behind the protests, George Soros, is a close acquaintance of Hillary Clinton which may explain why she has not come out to dennounce and disavow the riots. Neither have Barack Obama nor Bernie Sanders, the other so-called leaders of the liberal and progressive movements.

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