Brain tissue in children is more sensible to mercury, adjuvants, formaldehyde and the result is often schizophrenia and autism.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD is one of the most knowledgeable neurosurgeons in the world and he is also one of the most outspoken ones when it comes to explaining the dangers that vaccines pose to children, women and everyone else.

Dr. Blaylock has made it his mission, purposely or not, to warn people about the damage that vaccines cause on children’s brains and how such damage affects neurological development.

Some of the points Dr. Blaylock makes whenever he appears in public or during interviews with news media is that vaccines are indeed neuro-disruptors,and that the damage on the brain is more severe on children, because their brains are not fully developed.

Brain tissue in children is more sensible to mercury, adjuvants, formaldehyde, and aluminum used in vaccines, than the average adult.

As Dr. Blaylock has explained in multiple occasions, vaccines are the cause of numerous health side effects such as asthma, allergies, autoimmune reactions and even diabetes.

Why is it then, that many physicians still recommend and even enforce vaccinations on pregnant mothers, new born children and toddlers?

It is also hard to explain why do health authorities enforce mandates, not laws, and threaten parents and children alike for not following the traditional vaccination schedule, which by the way has been filled up with more vaccines than just a few years ago?

It’s not that pharmaceutical companies have a good history of contributing to the prevention or cure of disease, is it?

In fact, when facts are checked, none of the major vaccines being applied for years helped attenuate the consequences of disease.

As explained by Tetyana Obukhanych in her article Herd Immunity: Myth or Reality?, vaccine shots such as MMR, which are given in two or three doses, do not effectively help prevent disease or to avoid the spread of disease.

After retiring from medical practice, Dr. Russell Blaylock dedicates his time to travel around North America educating people about the dangers of vaccines on children and adults.

More Vaccines, less Health

It was during one of his speeches that Dr. Russell Blaylock explained the effects of vaccines on us all. “Vaccines produced a mass loss of health,” said Dr. Blaylock.

According to him, the population is about to be the victims of an sharp increase in vaccine immunization, which will be imposed by health authorities.

“In out lifestime, we’ve seen a change in the way doctors are trained,” said Blaylock, who added that he’s seen the growth of an arrogant position from doctors towards the patients to the point where many lives have been lost or changed for the worst because of medical arrogance.

“By age two years a child receives 36 vaccinations in most cases, with as many as 42 in some cases.”

According to Dr. Blaylock, research shows that if animals were injected as many vaccines as humans are receiving today, the chemicals in those vaccines not only interrupt the natural development of cerebral activity, but also change the way such development occurs.

Vaccine Insanity

“I cannot think of anything more insane than vaccinating pregnant women,”says Dr. Blaylock. Yet, the media and the medical industry promote that very practice year in and year out, especially during flu season.

What are the risks of vaccinating pregnant women? It depends on the time of the pregnancy during which the women receives a vaccine.

For example, studies have found that when vaccinated with the flu shot during the second semester, children may be born schizophrenic or suffer from autism spectrum disorders.

It is not the flu virus what actually causes these effects on unborn children, but the immune reaction that the mother experiences after been vaccinated what damages the child.

As studies have shown, the flu virus does not get transmitted from the mother to the unborn child during pregnancy, therefore, vaccinating a mother does not even have a justification.

Citokynes affected by Vaccines

“It is the immune citokynes generated by the mother in response to the vaccine which enter the baby’s brain and cause brain development problems,” explains Blaylock.

“What we are going to see 20 years from now, is a significant increase in schizophrenia and autism.”

Dr. Blaylock warns that, just as it is done today with autism syndrome disorder, in the near future, government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry will claim not to know what the cause of the rise in schizophrenia is.

Vaccine Manufaturers know about it

According to Dr. Blaylock, who cites studies conducted on the top six pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines, discovered that over 60 percent of the vaccines produced mostly in the United States and China, are contaminated with live viruses as well as chemicals such as formaldehyde, bacterial and mycoplasmal tissue and MSG.

He cited the case of vaccines contaminated with traces of pestivirus, which is known for causing spontaneous abortions in pregnant women.

See Dr. Russell Blaylock’s conference below:

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