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Varoufakis: Fight against the Establishment is now in Spain 


After his country’s government surrendered to the Troika and Brussels, in what has been one of the clearest examples of betrayal by Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, former Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis understands that combating centralized control of politics and finance in Europe is still far from over.

Varoufakis has already identified the next battleground, where the next fight between corporate control and those who wish to have sovereignty and freedom will be fought.

The former Greek Minister of Finance considers that the next battleground against austerity policies will be Spain, where he hopes that the next Spanish government is progressive enough to “tell the truth.”

Speaking to the media in the framework of the European Conference against Austerity, Varoufakis stated that the new government should know what to do with the banking system, “not just patch it up,” and that whoever is chosen to govern will have to implement investment and productivity.

“Spain has always been one of the battlefields of the most important democracy in Europe since 1936,” noted Varoufakis, who has insisted on the idea that the troika always aimed to “terrorized the Spaniards” not to vote a government capable of uprooting the ‘establishment’ supported by Brussels.

Varoufakis has insisted that the people who did not vote for the PP in the last election did so because “they did not buy the story of success of the Spanish economy” and has emphasized that there was no such success story, neither in Spain nor in Greece.

The former Greek minister has insisted that Spain, Portugal and Greece were and continue to be pushed by the Troika into a “permanent recession” and it is only a matter of time before “a collapse in Europe” takes place.

Varoufakis say that the only ones who will benefit from this process will be “the extreme right, anarchists and supporters of Le Pen”.

The Greek former, however, sees a great opportunity for a grand alliance of democrats, “right, left and street movements, a coalition that is capable of rethinking democracy.”

Varoufakis has also ensured that no government has the ability to act outside of Brussels and, therefore, has insisted on a new plan for Europe, although he has warned that in case of a failure “democracy will be seriously affected.”

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