Obama will long be remembered for waging endless wars of aggression on humanity throughout his tenure, at home and abroad – a war criminal remaining unaccountable for his high crimes, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, one of many examples mocking its legitimacy.

He’ll leave office in January after bombing seven countries, multiple conflicts on his watch still raging, including nearly six years of terror-war on Syria, a nation threatening no one.

According to Syria’s War Information Center, around 65% of eastern Aleppo was liberated from terrorist control, additional neighborhoods freed daily.

US-backed terrorists are increasingly isolated, heading toward capitulation or elimination, their choice. On December 5, the Wall Street Journal reported they’re “weaken(ing)” in confrontation with government forces, defeat virtually certain, likely in weeks.

Surrounded by Syrian and allied troops, they’re increasingly “desperate…fac(ing) potential collapse.” Many ceased combat and fled with civilians to government-controlled areas.

Others “are thinking of leaving…because they have become exhausted” by endless fighting, according to Mohammad Al-Sheikh, a member of one terrorist group.

“Their spirits are low,” he said. “They are in despair over not being able to break the siege.”

On December 4, Reuters reported internecine fighting among terrorists in eastern Aleppo “in the face of an unprecedented onslaught by Russian-backed government forces…helping to put (Assad) on the verge of (his) biggest victory yet” – liberating Aleppo entirely, retaking it after four years under US-backed terrorists’ control.

Winning the battle for Aleppo doesn’t end conflict in Syria. It’ll represent a major turning point, reminiscent of Churchill remarking after winning a 1942 battle against Nazi Germany that “this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Eventual triumph followed, sadly replaced by a far greater threat – headquartered in Washington, heading NATO’s killing machine, waging global war on humanity.

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