One issue is to ask for equality and fairness, but another very different one is to bully a complete half of the world to change the way people worship, behave, speak and ultimately live their lives.

Make no mistake. There are plenty of terrorists and terrorism of all kinds and flavors, but the current fight against Islamic extremism is much more than a sterile battle against groups of stirred up religious nuts.

If you have been following closely the latest developments on the so-called war on terror, it is not difficult to understand that governments have a fetish for using proxy groups of people, be it religious or secular, to advance their agendas.

History is full of examples and a simple search engine will provide documentation and books that show enough proof of this.

The part that most authors and journalists have left out in their reporting, either due to ignorance or lack of courage, is that the ongoing war against Islam is not a true war on terror between the West and the East.

The invasion, carpet bombing and subsequent conquest of foreign lands is part of a larger plan that does involve monopolizing the planet resources, but that also includes the balkanization of large regions of the eastern hemisphere in an attempt to bring about a clash of civilizations.

The clearest example of this plan is the general demonization of Islam in the West and of Christianity in the East.

The war on terror is not a fight between western liberating forces, which incidentally have been oppressing weak nations for decades, and lunatics who claim to represent Islam, but a movement to coerce whole populations into surrendering their lives to favor the most powerful corporate interests in the West.

Millions of people in just a few countries have fled their lands and livelihoods due to the perpetual state of war brought about by the western imperialists who intend to conquer their resources.

For decades, they have been under the rule of puppet dictators who have diligently done the bidding of oppressor governments such as Britain, France, the United States, Germany, Portugal and others.

As long as dictators managed to stay in power indefinitely, western patrons have enjoyed free passage and preferential working conditions to carry out their plan to extract as many resources as possible from underground natural mineral vaults as well as oil and gas chambers.

When dictators do not get the job done the answer has always been war. As soon as a real person, not a puppet, reaches the highest office in developing countries, the imperialists in Europe and North America rapidly carry out attacks via their covert organizations and intelligence agencies to dismember sovereign, non-aligned nations.

The description above is official policy, not an invention or coincidence.

Most of the twentieth century has been dominated by continuous bellicose conflicts all over Africa, Asia and the Middle East, where political and military tension have been kept alive by outside players and their internal accomplices.

In a report titled “What ISIS Really Wants”, the Atlantic states that “The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse.”

In that report, the author cites the opinion of Major General Michael K. Nagata, the Special Operations commander for the United States in the Middle East, who says that “he has hardly begun figuring out the Islamic State’s appeal. We have not defeated the idea,” he said. “We do not even understand the idea.”

Perhaps neither the author nor the General realize that it is that idea of terrorism that is fueling ISIS and other terrorist groups and their ideology where they can find the key to understanding why the fight against terrorism cannot be won. At least not in the way is being fought now.

A popular dictate says that ideas are bulletproof; both good and bad ideas. A fight against ideas can never be won. However, it is possible to dig deep to find out the origin of that idea to get to the root of the problem.

Terrorism could be justified as the actions of religious lunatic -the general uninformed reason that is given to explain Islamic extremism- or simply a thirst for murdering innocent people for the sake of power and control, which is the reason why the western imperialists invade sovereign nations.

In the case of ISIS and other examples of extremely radicalized religious or fascist groups, the truth is that their origins and mechanisms are very complex. But there is one element that they all have in common: They are usually infiltrated, propped up and manipulated by the real powers that run the planet. Therefore, the key to ending terrorism is to defeat those people and entities who support the infiltration and radicalization of religious fundamentalists.

Religion has been a reason for war and conflict for many centuries, so there is really no way to end all religion-related conflict, as people will, in most cases cling to their beliefs.

It is not religious preference, however, what has spurred the current radicalization of entire populations. The Earth has seen examples of religious people of all denominations living together without major spikes in violence. Extremism is, in all recent cases, injected from outside.

The threat of Islamic terrorism is a fable in the sense that terrorist groups are not after our values. On the other hand, it is very real in the sense that there are religious fundamentalists whose hatred for the West has been simmering for generations and they do intend to avenge the terror events carried out by Britain, France, the United States and other countries that are now joined together in what the western world knows as NATO.

The forces behind the destabilization of the eastern hemisphere have developed and are now executing their plan to use the terror threat as a justification to impose an all mighty, centralized one world government. Islamic extremism is, in theory, a formidable enemy, a reason that is strong enough to justify almost anything.

The latest casualty of the so-called war on terror is the way of life that we all know and enjoy. European countries that have taken thousands of refugees have immediately asked their citizens to make changes in the way they live their lives.

Women cannot wear short skirts because that may be provocative or offensive. People cannot use words such as Islamic extremism because it may also be offensive. In the United States, governors and mayors have begun to cancel Christmas tree lightings and recommended people to abstain from singing Christmas carols in public in fear that such a tradition may spur controversy.

Republican candidate, Donald Trump has gone as far as calling for surveilling mosques and neighborhoods where people follow Islam. Even Trump seems to ignore the dangers of “building a wall” on the southern border with Mexico.

In France, Parliament just passed new legislation which allows the government to extend recently adopted police state measures. Earlier this year, the same Parliament sanctioned a new law that allows intelligence agencies to mass surveil the population. All this has been done in the name of keeping France safe from terrorism while the Hollande administration stirs terrorist groups in the Middle East and North Africa by launching aerial bombing campaigns.

The German Bundestag also approved a request made by Chancellor Angela Merkel to send military equipment and troops to Syria to join France, Britain and the US. Earlier this week, British Prime Minister, David Cameron claimed that anyone opposed to bombing Syria was a terrorist sympathizer. He later refused to apologize.

So you see, the people who promise to protect you are actually the ones responsible for inciting religious extremists who want to avenge the heinous crimes that western governments have committed for decades.

The war mongers who justify mass murder with the excuse that Islamic terrorists are out to get you, who they have helped create, are sure that in the end, after they have taken all your liberties, they will simply bomb the radicals back to the stone age so that they can finally take over worldwide.

So what kind of Caliphate will the west live under?

A Caliphate is nothing else than a form of government led by a Caliph, the Arab equivalent of a political and religious figure. Some followers of Islam believe that the Caliph is the successor to the Islamic prophet, Muhammad and a leader of the entire Muslim community.

Does ISIS want to establish a Caliphate in the West? In theory the answer is yes. In practice, it will never occur. The reason is that the West already has a solid form of government that has been in place for many, many years. The system is tightly controlled and there is almost no chance to change it.

The form of government that currently reigns over the West is Corporate Capitalism or Corporatism. The western world is dominated by the power of corporations and those corporations have deep roots into all aspects of life, both in the West and in the East. Those corporations are the ones responsible for all of the last great wars and their owners are the ones behind the historical ravaging wars in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and they are also the ones behind the present war on Islam and the ongoing clash of civilizations.

Corporations have acquired valuable natural resources all over the world. From water to land, to minerals to labor. They are the strongest supporters of “free trade”, the TPP, control of the free web, financial and intellectual oppression. In simple words, they are Slavery Inc.

In a sense, we already live in Caliphate. It is a western style Caliphate. We just don’t call it by its name. Instead, public attention is focused on the Islamic Caliphate.

In the last 20 years, the process of consolidating power and resources by the central planners has been accelerate as millions of people have awakened and realized what the endgame is. That is why we have seen more so-called ‘free trade agreements” passed, more political unions being formed, more violations against international law and sovereignty, more open attacks on constitutional rights; and above all, a stronger push for Martial Law, Police State measures. To this it is necessary to add the effort to end the Internet as we know it and the plan to charge taxes on carbon emissions, which will produce more poverty and the death of millions of people worldwide in just a few years.

Different from the Islamic Caliphate, the western version of this form of government is not necessarily led by a man or woman, a political or religious figure, but by a dense core that consists of the wealthiest of the wealthy who hold dear their dream to transform the globe into a place governed by absolutism via a unitary centralized power.


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