Western civilization “would be a good idea,” Gandhi once observed.

It’s depraved and uncivilized, harming the many for the privileged few, responsible for death, destruction and human misery on an unprecedented scale while pretending respect for democratic values it deplores.

America is the leading force of evil in a world increasingly unfit and unsafe to live in, ruled by its privileged class serving its own interests exclusively, exploiting others for profit and dominance.

Other Western nations operate the same way. Elections are farcical, democracy pure fantasy. Endless wars rage against nations threatening no one.

Millions of corpses attest to the barbarity of Western civilization. Its pure evil may kill us all.

In an extended multi-part interview with Sputnik News, Assad showed his humanity, his genuine concern for his country and people, why Syrians overwhelmingly support him, why US-led rogue states want him ousted, a puppet they control replacing him.

His struggle to free Syria from the scourge of US created and unleashed terrorism deserves universal support. The West can’t be trusted, he stressed.

“The most important lesson we have learned, but I suppose we knew it all along, is that the West is not honest. Western countries are dishonest,” he correctly observed.

America, EU countries and their rogue allies “are pursuing a policy far removed from the principles of international law and the United Nations.” It’s “impossible to rely upon the West to solve any issue.”

“We live in a world where there is no international law or morality in politics at present. Anything can happen anywhere on our planet.”

Leaders everywhere “should be able to choose friendly states that will stand by (them) during crises,” implying supreme gratitude for vital Russian help, a true ally of the Syrian Arab Republic and its people.

They’ve endured over five years of US inflicted “inhuman suffering,” using ISIS and other terrorist groups to commit appalling atrocities still ongoing.

Assad believes if current crisis conditions are overcome, if Syria is freed from the terrorist scourge Obama unleashed, its “society will be improved from a social point of view.”

“And (it) will be better able to play its historic role in this region.This role, open to the public, will influence other nations, because it is a single region, the same people with similar traditions.”

“We influence each other as Arab states, as Islamic countries. In this regard, Syria should have a very important role” to play.

International law is ignored in today’s world, he stressed. No nation should be ravaged and destroyed like Syria, like other regional countries, their people slaughtered and displaced, their resources plundered.

Bipartisan extremists running America want unchallenged global dominance, endless wars their main strategy of choice.

A previous article said they may destroy planet earth in their maniacal crusade to own it.

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