Stop Nato editor Rick Rozoff posts important “anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts” by notable earlier figures from ancient Greece and Rome to modern times.

Their consistent theme is fundamental opposition to war, its carnage and ruthless objectives. Some current postings call “(m)ilitary glory the most mean, the most cruel and contemptible thing under the sun!” (William Black 1881)

“All wars arise for the sake of gaining money.” (Plato) “The highest good is not war but peace.” (Plato) “War’s cannibal priest, druid red from his human sacrifice.” (Walter Scott 1816)

“A shuddering lump of tattered wounds lifted up a mangled head and whined.” (Alfred Noyes 1913) “The bestialization of man by war.” (Polybius)

“We spilt blood enough to swim in, we orphaned many children and widowed many women. (Thomas Love Peacock 1829)

These thoughts and countless others explain the horrors of war, why they’re fought and importance of mass activism for peace – most of all today when super-weapons can kill us all in the hands of US lunatics perhaps eager to use them.

History shows wars benefit the few at the expense of the many. Aggressor criminality is worst of all – none more power-crazed than America, an unparalleled evil force.

Its hegemonic agenda threatens world peace. Its sham democracy mocks the real thing. Its apathetic public and world community let lunatics in charge get away with mass murder.

Russia is polar opposite – a vital force for world peace and stability. Syria is in the eye of the storm, making daily headlines, Obama’s war fully responsible for its human refugee flood.

On the one hand, Russia urges resolving the conflict diplomatically. It continues working tirelessly to achieve it. On the other, it supports an international anti-terrorism coalition – to free the region and beyond of its scourge.

On Monday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained “(w)e have always supplied equipment to (Syria) for (its) struggle against terrorists.”

“We are supporting them. We were supporting them, and we will be supporting them.”

“Our proposal is to gather all the efforts together – all the international players, all Syria’s neighbors, all members of the opposition coalition, all of those who are involved,” to unite against Islamic State and other terrorist groups.

Moscow fundamentally opposes ousting Assad. Syrians alone should decide who’ll lead them, no one else. Washington, Britain, France, Israel and rogue partners have other ideas – ignoring the human catastrophe they caused, blaming others for their crimes.

Half the Syrian population is displaced, millions externally, a human flood desperately seeking safe haven refuge wherever possible out of harm’s way – the direct result of Obama’s war with complicit partners.

Their solution to resolve the mass exodus – more war, more carnage, more butchery, more atrocities, more mass destruction, then bomb and destroy another country and create a greater refugee flood.

On Sunday, Syria’s Foreign Ministry condemned Britain’s “political hypocrisy,” its “brazen” attitude toward Syria, its urging escalated war instead of demanding all foreign meddling in its internal affairs stop.

Britain has no right to preach to others about democracy, human rights and combatting terrorism, Syria’s Foreign Ministry said. Its policies are polar opposite. It provides direct support to radicalized Islamists – imported death squad killers working with Washington to destroy Syrian sovereignty and replace it with a puppet regime they control.

Britain should preach to itself instead of others, Syria’s Foreign Ministry explained. The same goes for Washington and other complicit partners.

Obama continues bombing Syrian infrastructure targets daily, supporting ISIS terrorists, not attacking them – Britain and Canada aiding its imperial campaign.

Britain wants parliamentary approval for escalated terror bombing. Francois Hollande intends greater French involvement to oust Assad.

Things appear moving inexorably toward Libya 2.0 – greater mass carnage than already, continuing until Assad is eliminated like Saddam and Gaddafi, perhaps as violently.

He’s irresponsibly blamed for the human refugee flood caused by Obama’s war with rogue partners. Western media blame Russia for everything.

Fox News national security analyst KT McFarland blames Putin for Syria’s refugee crisis. Major media in America proliferate propaganda, not real news, information and analysis.

Their reports on major world and national issues consist of regurgitating administration, congressional and pentagon press releases masquerading as journalism.

War causes human refugee floods. Washington, complicit NATO powers, Israel and rogue Arab states bear full responsibility for mass slaughter and destruction in one country after another and the endless subsequent human refugee flood.

The only solution is ending devastating wars – and holding culpable officials responsible for waging them fully accountable. The alternative is endless conflicts heading for the unthinkable – global nuclear war threatening life on earth.

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