How many deaths are worth keeping or recalling vaccines? If you ask the families of those who have died after getting injected with a COVID vaccine, most likely they would say that one death is too many.

Perhaps that is why Austria has stopped the usage of a lot of vaccines manufactures from the pharmaceutical giant, AstraZeneca. Apparently, a woman age 49 died just 10 days after receiving the vaccine and as a result of “severe bleeding disorders”.

Ironically enough, the victim of this massive experiment called COVID and COVID vaccines, was a nurse. A similar outcome was registered with one of her friends, another nurse, who had a pulmonary embolism after being immunized and is hospitalized at that clinic

Although the vaccines have been recalled, the government of Austria is not brave enough to at least give it a small chance that this sudden death was caused by the vaccine.

“There is currently no evidence of a causal relationship with vaccination. Based on known clinical data, a causal relationship cannot be established, as thrombotic complications are not among the known or typical side effects of the vaccine in question. “, explains the Federal Agency for Sanitary Security (BASG).

That, of course, is a load of disinformation.

As it is widely known, pharmaceutical companies produce their own clinical data, that is almost never evaluated by independent organizations. They run their experiments, conduct all testing and then simply report results to health authorities, who then approve such data.

Although the agency notes that there are no clinical data that could be a “cause for concern” about the reliability of the AstraZeneca vaccine, following the principle of prevention has decided not to administer the excess doses of the ABV 5300 lot of the drug that was used with the deceased and her partner.

BASG assures that the investigations are being developed with the maximum speed to be able to “completely rule out” a possible relationship between what happened with the administration of the vaccines.

You see it? The investigation does not seek to review the possibility of a connection between the nurse’s death and the AstraZeneca vaccine. Rather, efforts are focused on “completely ruling out” the causal relationship between the vaccine and death. Do you understand the difference?

At the moment the authorities have not reported how many doses made up the withdrawn batch or how many people it was administered to.

The Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical AstraZeneca assured, in a statement, that it fully collaborates in the investigation and hopes that what happened will be clarified soon.

“In the interests of all who are waiting for a vaccine we want an investigation as quickly as possible to be clear about how this unfortunate event could have occurred,” said AstraZeneca.

The company stresses that its vaccine is “effective and safe” and has been endorsed by the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency.

Unfortunately, the WHO does not have any credibility in relation to the health issue, or have they forgotten the misfortune of the coordination that this organization carried out once the COVID outbreak was detected?

It is not the first death nor will it be the last

In South Korea, authorities are probing the deaths of several people after receiving the COVID vaccine. A total of 1,578 cases of side effects have been reported so far, with 20 cases reported as serious.

By the way, do not expect the news to tell you there is a link between a vaccine and a serious side effect or a sudden death. Remember … They are the largest recipients of pharmaceutical companies’ marketing budgets.

In Norway, authorities investigate 23 deaths in frail elderly patients after vaccination. “Doctors in Norway have been told to conduct more thorough evaluations of very frail elderly patients in line to receive the Pfizer BioNTec vaccine,” reports The BMJ.

In the United States, Gregory Michael, MD, age 56, passed away from complications of immune thrombocytopenia, reported Medpage Today.

In Virginia, USA, health officials are also investigating the death of a patient after receiving the COVID vaccine.

“We can confirm that the death occurred within hours of having received the vaccine, but that is not evidence of it being related,” the statement goes on to say. “We are currently investigating and do not yet know the cause of death.”

Back in Europe, investigators at the Paul Ehrlich Institute are inquiring on the deaths of 10 people who died right after having been inoculated against COVID. As in many other cases, the 10 victims were elderly people with ages between 79 and 93, who were administered vaccines from Pfizer and BioNTech.

According to The Hindu, 22 people have died in India following the administration of COVID vaccinations. The death of at least one of the victims has been ruled a result of the vaccine itself. In this case, the victim died due to “cardiogenic/septicemic shock”.

Different from other countries, India seeks to ascertain the role of vaccination in mortality. The national committee, as has been stated, is expected to analyze such deaths.

In the case of Gregory Michael, as in many other instances, vaccine “experts” emphasize that his case is extremely rare, and that it is a coincidence that he died from immune thrombocytopenia after getting vaccinated and that there is no way to demonstrate causality.

Unfortunately for these “experts” people in Norway, Austria, Israel, India and America are dying from the same kind of complications, and all of them died precisely after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca and Pfizer’s vaccines.

So the only coincidence that is apparent is that people around the world are dying after being administered these pharmaceutical products. The search for causality is a dead end, since authorities trust pharmaceutical companies with their own experiments and analysis of their own products as supposed to having independent certified medical boards check for safety and efficacy of vaccinations.

We don’t need absolute proof that Pfizer or AstraZeneca’s vaccines cause sudden deaths. We do not need causality to be proven. What we need to know are the reasons why people all over the world are dropping dead after receiving COVID vaccinations, all of them dying as a consequence similar complications is spite of differences in age, health and origin. That is by no means any coincidence.

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