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Who holds the lying media accountable? 


Who holds those who “know it all” accountable when they spend over two years pushing the greatest hoax of the last few years while knowing it was a nothing burger?

As it has been proven by Special Council Robert Mueller, the Russia Collusion story was fake news.

Nevertheless, the mainstream media intended to delegitimize a seating president, who won the last election fairly and squarely, while sparing the candidate from the other party, whose actions were not properly and exhaustively investigated.

In the 21st century, TV personalities can sit in front of a teleprompter all day and purposely lie to viewers without any negative consequence for them or their employees.

They promote wars and fake news and claim we all must believe them because they wear expensive suits and broadcast from fancy studios in large cities while demanding we disregard facts, evidence and reason.

These “know it all” people are in every major news network and local news channels promoting military invasions of nations that pose no threat to anyone, accusing people of crimes that have not been proven and calling for gender and social wars to keep the masses divided while their owners commit the most heinous crimes against humanity.

They are not journalists. They are not news presenters. They are part of a well-established propaganda machinery whose only intent is to cause social chaos.

They are owned by corporate interests and their job is not to inform, but to keep you and me from thinking critically, from learning the facts and from holding them and their political accomplices accountable for their lies.

The very same mainstream media that accuse citizen journalists of being conspiracy theorists were caught pushing the biggest hoax since the “Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction” lie.

While they call for government regulation and corporate censorship of alternative news media, they set up and carry out one of the biggest hoaxes themselves.

This week, the mainstream media were defeated by facts, evidence, and reason, but no one will hold them accountable for their lies. Not Congress, not the authorities and not the public who got lied on their faces.

Politicians are too busy paying attention to lobbyists, authorities are corroded with partisan politics and the public is too busy worrying about political correctness and virtue signaling.

Who will hold the “know it alls” accountable?

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About the author: Luis R. Miranda

Luis R. Miranda is an award-winning journalist and the founder & editor of The Real Agenda News. His career spans over 23 years in every form of news media. He writes about environmentalism, education, technology, science, health, immigration and other current affairs. Luis has worked as on-air talent, news reporter, television producer, and news writer.

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