There is one thing that the leaders of the most powerful countries agree on: Poverty and enslavement of mankind are the goals they want in the XXI century.

While the highest political representatives meet at the UN to ask the public for unity, solidarity and social justice, privately they discuss the exact opposite: Leading the world into widespread poverty and perpetual slavery.

An example of this is cyber-security. While in public the US and China are alleged victims of cyber attacks, privately, they agree with monopolizing and controlling the internet.

At their last meeting at the White House, Barack Obama and Xi Jinping have agreed not to attack their commercial interests in the net, which means an open admission about what both governments have been doing for many years. They have been destroying the internet and looking for ways to turn it into a private resource, instead of a public one.

The agreement on cybersecurity puts off one of the potential crises that threatened the relationship between the two countries. A few weeks ago, the White House leaked details on its plans to punish China for stealing personal information of millions of government employees in the USA.

Banks, supermarket chains and film producers have been victims of attacks. The penalties contained in the plans did not materialize and now the two countries will work towards turning cyberspace into a controllable environment with ‘international standards’ on which governments and the private interests that control them, dictate what companies and individuals can and cannot do.

“We have affirmed the principle that governments do not engage in cyber espionage against commercial trading companies,” Obama said at a press conference with Xi at the White House. This is the beginning of the agreement: the US president did not hide his doubts and said the United States would verify that the conditions negotiated with China are truly respected.

Both the US and the Chinese governments have militarized the internet under the excuse that hacker groups have attempted to carry out attacks on commercial and military interests, when, in fact, it is the Chinese and the Americans the ones responsible for these attacks.

The result of this policy of militarization of the Internet has been the almost complete capture of the net by non-governmental and governmental organizations working on behalf of private interests.

China adopts carbon emissions fraud

China, one of the countries that pollute the planet the most, has finally sided publicly with the rest of developed countries to establish its own emissions policy.

The announcement that China will establish a system for controlling emissions and a carbon credits market was made shortly before the climate meeting in Paris, in which the United Nations intends to defraud nations into accepting the plan for the supposed education of CO2 emissions as a measure to stop global warming.

The fight against global warming is perhaps an exception in the rivalry between Chinese and Americans. The reason is that both governments work to accelerate the advent of a world government which will be under the control of globalist interests that control the political leaders of both nations.

The meeting between Presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping on Friday at the White House has confirmed it. The main concrete result is the commitment of both to deepen cooperation in this area. Among the steps to be taken, are Beijing’s launch in 2017 of the largest trading market of carbon credits worldwide.

China, the biggest emitter in the world, had long made clear its desire to establish such a mechanism, which will leave far behind in volume to the European Union, the largest and oldest on the planet. Once it is fully operational, it is estimated that the system will cover two to three times the total of the system used in the EU.

Programs such as the European and the Chinese place limits on emissions and establish a series of quotas. Companies can buy carbon credits at a certain price and, if not used, they can sell them to other parties.

In essence, what the carbon market does is to create licenses to pollute the environment. The permits are paid to globalists like Al Gore and Bill Gates, who have invested generously in advancing the agenda of decarbonization of the planet.

Among the few details provided, Beijing has confirmed will include key sectors such as iron and steel mining, paper, building materials, chemicals and power generation. However, transport, one of the most crucial sectors will be left out.

Along with the US and China, the Vatican is another important player in the global warming fraud. His maximum representative, Pope Francis, who was visiting the United States last week, spoke twice -in the US Congress and the UN- and in both occasions he tried to push for the adoption of globalist policies to control development, especially in the Third world.

More calls to de-industrialize the planet

While China and the United States agree on their desire to control the internet and to scam nations with their fraudulent CO2 emissions scheme, and while the Pope serves as the best cheerleader for a globalist system of dehumanization, the king of Spain, Felipe VI, has joined the list of hypocrites who ask for the end of development and what he called ‘excesses’.

Felipe VI, who lives and travels at the expense of the working class people of Spain, has called on the UN to eliminate the current growth model. In his public speech, Felipe asked for ‘equitable development’ for both rich and poor countries. We must understand that what Felipe wants is to live with all the excesses and wealth possible while 99% of the population lives in extreme poverty.

“Even in developed countries, the experience of the recent global crisis has exposed the fragility of many realities that we considered solid. And above all, it has warned us that no one is immune to the weaknesses of a model of growth that we now need to correct and improve preserving its strengths and eliminating its excesses.”

In other words, now that the powerful elites are secured, it is necessary to destroy the model of development that has benefited them for decades.

In his speech, Felipe VI warned that development “is not, never has been, a uniform process, and that its scope is not assured” so that “wars like the one in Syria; natural disasters such as the earthquake in Nepal; or epidemics such as Ebola can reverse decades of gains achieved by developing countries and thus demand our solidarity and sustained attention. ”

This is the typical discourse of all politicians who come to power to serve themselves. Development is only good as long as it benefits them. Kings, presidents and prime ministers do not want a strong middle class, as this represents a threat to their power.

Felipe spoke twice on equality. The globalization of finance, he said, as well as information technology must be accompanied, with solidarity and freedom. “It is essential to achieve equitable development, enjoy real and effective rights and equal opportunities for all,” he said, which are necessary to “create opportunities, both in education -and hence the impetus to knowledge, innovation and technology- such as the creation of jobs, especially youth employment, an area in which Spain is particularly sensitive.”

In this Felipe contradicts himself as he talks of the need to de-industrialize the planet he also wants equality, solidarity and freedom.

The question is, how can there be solidarity if 99% of people are on their way to becoming poorer? How can there be more freedom if governments and tyrants who control them do not allow people to have freedom of expression, movement or cult? How can there be equity when 0.1% of humanity controls more than half of the planet’s wealth? On the issue of freedom, Felipe has not spoken about how Felipe VI cannot be questioned in Spain, unless you want to spend a few days in jail.

Governments agree to Impose an Agenda of Slavery and Underdevelopment

With the completion of the so-called Millennium Goals still pending, political leaders met on Friday in New York to promote an agenda that is supposed to make the world a less poor, less unequal and less self-destructive place within the next 15 years.

The heads of state and government from more than 190 countries adopted by acclamation a program under the name of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The agenda sets a series of ambitious challenges for 2030 and is the continuation of the plan presented in 2000.

In reality, this plan is an appendix to the policy of sustainable development of the United Nations which aims to turn the Earth into a prison planet. The so-called sustainable development program goes hand in hand with previously announced biodiversity policies from the UN. The sole purpose of these policies is the impoverishment of the people, the radical reduction of the world’s population through methods such as chemical and biological castration and the monopolization of property.

While in public the political and religious leaders are determined to make us believe that they want the best for their people and for the planet, in private they agree on their desire to carry out massive sterilizations, monopolization of natural resources, balkanization of populations and the total control of the decision-making process.

In his last public speech, Pope Francis spoke consistently about what has been happening for decades. At the UN, Francisco said:

“A selfish unlimited desire for power and material wealth leads both to abuse of material resources available and to exclude weaker and less skilled people, either because they have different capabilities (or are disabled) or because they are deprived of the knowledge and tools and the adequate technical abilities or have insufficient capacity for political decision. The economic and social exclusion is a total denial of human brotherhood and a serious attack on human rights and the environment. The poorest are those who suffer most from these attacks for a serious triple reason: they are discarded by society, they are both forced to live out of what everyone else disposes and now they suffer the consequences of environmental abuse. These phenomena comprise the consolidated and unconsciously widespread culture of discarding.”

Unfortunately, like any other politician, the Pope says one thing in public and does another thing in private. Francis and the Vatican have been, for long, accomplices of the system he denounces. Political leaders who at the UN call for equality, solidarity and freedom are the same that have undermined these very principles for many years. Why are they so sure that they are the ones best suited to change this situation? The answer is: They are not. They don’t have the will, the interest or the desire to do so. That is why they have successfully fought to accumulate more power and more wealth. If these so-called leaders were all they say they are, they would have already solved many of the problems they blame humanity for. But they are not the saviors. They are the root of the problem.

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