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4 Million Syrian Refugees have Fled their Country

Syria and Yemen are two faces of the same tragic coin whose citizens are being systematically driven out of their land to cause massive social unrest. Whatever your political view is regarding Western-backed intervention in Syria and Yemen, no ideological or religious belief can deny that both countries are being victimized, not liberated, which is what the corporate media wants the public to believe. The result of bombing a ...Read full article...

The Middle East is a refugee ticking bomb

“Sixty-five percent of the refugees are under 25, are marginalized, desperate and frustrated by the lack of a just solution,” says Christofer Gunness, from UNRWA. Regional vulnerability has always existed here but in recent years has exploded with the crisis in Syria and Iraq, the expansion of the Islamic State and instability and crises in countries such as Yemen, Libya, Egypt and others in the area. In the case ...Read full article...