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Weaponized Weather Exposed

The existence of an International, Clandestine Weather Modification Program is a Fact. The Weather is Being traded in the Stock Market.

Experts predict a dramatic aging of the population by 2100

While globalist organizations and philanthropic foundations supported by the most dangerous eugenicists in history warn us about the ‘time bomb’ of overpopulation (a blatant lie), new research conducted by Washington University in the United States has added another reason to start worrying about the opposite scenario.

Does Climate Money matter?

Alarmists rarely attack, or even mention the Climate Money paper I did in 2009.  It’s an own goal to draw attention to the fact that skeptics are paid a pittance, while the alarm industry soaks in extended baths of cash, grants, and junkets, and the vested interests are a magnitude larger. Exxon might lose some money if a carbon tax comes in, but the world will still need oil. The same can’t be said for ACME-Solar. If a carbon scheme falls over, so does a Solyndra.

James Hansen Alarmed over Inexplicable Global Cooling

While NASA climate alarmist James Hansen insists record summer heat and drought are caused by man-made global warming, leaked internal emails from just three summers ago reveal that he and his colleagues expressed alarm that the planet was inexplicably cooling.

Why are they Manipulating the Weather?

The most dangerous weapon is not nuclear, chemical or biological, it is the weather.

West Nile Virus Spreads Rapidly in the United States

West Nile virus is spreading faster than it has in years, and the pace of the mosquito-borne disease is getting worse, health officials report.

American Cities will be Sustainable Prisons

By 2030 it is expected that an estimated 4 billion people will live in eco-cities, which are controlled environments where sustainability mandates how much water, energy, food and production is allowed in urbanized areas.

Pfizer Settles Bribery case and will pay $ 60 million in fines

Another bribery case has been settled by a pharmaceutical giant. This time it was Pfizer’s turn to admit to buying off doctors, regulators and other government officials in countries like Russia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Czech Republic, China and Italy.

Antarctica was once a Green Rainforest, scientists report

One point with which climate alarmists always struggle with, is understanding, explaining or accepting how climate patterns occur throughout centuries or millenia, and how those patterns have little to do with the insignificant influence of human activity.

Archives July 2012 →

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