Welcome to Obamanation: Land of Redistribution


The Robyn Hood economy is about the kick off its latest plan to bring about ‘social justice’ and ‘equality’. With zero concern for reelection and lots of promises to fulfill, Robyn Hood Obama is set to carry out the biggest transformation in the history of the country. This transformation includes completely open borders, unlimited issuance of debt and the highest tax rates ever seen for the middle class.

After shocking the country and the world with its  QE unlimited, endless financial rescues, hungry power-grab oriented executive decrees and complete ignorance of how government should work if it is to favor an exit from the economic crisis, Obama will now execute the second phase of the largest wealth redistribution plan he foretold before being elected in 2008.

Despite being the most apparent threat to traditional American values, fifty percent of voters — even taking out voting fraud – still put their support behind the man who promised phones, homes, and welfare to anyone who helped re-elect him in 2012.

Now, the time has come to get money from those pesky members of the middle class and increase corporate welfare to unknown levels in order to consolidate the plan to make a large majority of the population equally poor. That is what equality means under the current model of underdevelopment being implemented in the United States for the past 100 years.

The start of the plan to radically transform America – Obama’s own words — has nothing to do with bringing optimal living conditions to most people. One of the first steps of this plan intends to erase all opposition that may exist to the enactment of the transformation itself. It includes doing away with any political, social and economic resistance.

Obama is now being echoed by George W. Bush, the compassionate conservative, who supports imposing a plan to legalize some 30+ million illegal immigrants. That will guarantee that the fakest liberal – Republican or Democrat — running for president in the next few political cycles gets enough support to be elected president. Understandably, those 30+ million people together with 50 percent or so of the electorate will be the most dependent and powerful force to command politics and policy for many years to come.

The most radical transformation of America will not necessarily be achieved through executive decrees or centralized government, but through a significant change in the way people conceive the role of government. Someone who completely depends on handouts will most certainly support almost any decision that  guarantees survival. As pointed out yesterday, the current global crisis was not necessarily caused by corruption, but by the adoption of an immoral set of living standards.

The next aspect of the redistribution plan is to guarantee that the government can keep up with its plans, and that requires financial guarantees. That’s why we’ve now learned about unlimited quantitative easing. When it comes to spending, trillions are not enough to maintain government sponsored programs. The plan of the Federal Reserve to create $85 billion a month out of thin air to buy mortgage-backed securities will only assure what has been coming for a long time: the death of the dollar. None of the money spent by the FED on behalf of the U.S. government actually gets to the people who need aid, as it all goes to the banks.

Every month that the FED spends the kind of money it is now spending causes the dollar to devaluate by 3 to 4 percent. How long does it take then for the so-called reserve currency to be worth as little as the paper it is printed on? Two, three years at the most. Hence the warnings from economists and insiders about the dollar ending its good run in no less than four years time.

For the second half of Obama’s time as CEO of Obamanation, there will be an even deeper transformation. States around the country are now assessing proposals and passing legislation that aims to raise income taxes to as high as 50 percent. Among them, there is California and New York; two of the states in the direst economic downfall and whose people have been impacted by bureaucratic irresponsibility.

But somehow the people in these two states rationalized that the best possible option was to support the guy who openly wants to make things worse, much worse. Although the idea was sold on the premise that the rich need to pay more taxes, Proposition 30, for example, will raise taxes on people who earn more than $250,000. I don’t know where do super-liberals get their news, but no one who earns a quarter of a million or near that amount is mathematically or otherwise wealthy.

Strangely, the Obama mob is composed by some people who earn just about $250,000 a year or less, which means they actually support their own demise. Perhaps they don’t see themselves as wealthy as Obama sees them through his magnifying glass. Also, isn’t it wealthy a variable idea in different parts of the country?

For most of the Obama people, the plan to bring about ‘social justice’ is well on its way, as most of them depend on the well to do fellows for their income. If the middle class is the portion of the population who proportionally pay the most taxes and the money collected through taxation is used by government to bribe the dependent population, then people who live off government handouts couldn’t possibly see wealth redistribution as a bad thing, could they?

But don’t expect the money collected from the middle class to go into the pockets of the needy. The U.S. government has more important investment opportunities such as increasing corporate welfare as development model and training first responders for the coming zombie apocalypse.

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4 Responses to Welcome to Obamanation: Land of Redistribution

  1. Andrew says:

    I noticed you repeated all the Fixed Noose talking points about redistribution. Obama will not raise taxes on the middle class. $250k isn’t wealthy, but $300k is…
    I think the Illuminati should pay higher taxes, I think anyone making over 250 should, but only if it’s the Clinton rates and not higher. You remember how well the job creators were doing back then, don’t you? They were doing fantastic. There was a budget surplus. Mitch McConnels only goal has been to sabotage the president, at the expense of the middle class. He failed, and now we can finally get out of this mess that BUSH created… Iraq, Afghanistan, Rumsfeld ‘losing’ $2TRILLION the DAY BEFORE 9/11 2001, etc. etc.

    What about that $2T anyway, did we ever figure that one out?

    • Editor says:

      Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t get Fox News on cable. Even if I could, I would not pay to watch it. Occasionally, when I travel hotels have it available.
      I think you have a very limited knowledge when it comes to taxation and it is a difficult topic to discuss on a comment section. But let me give you a taste of what you may not be considering. The US dollar has lost 98% of its original value since 1913, and now more than ever will continue to lose value as the Fed buys 40 billion in mortgage securities. That is the worst tax a government can impose on its people. Currency devaluation and the inflation that such devaluation causes is a cancer that cannot be cured unless you spend adequately.
      But let’s talk about what we agree. I totally agree with you about the richest having to pay more. Unfortunately, that is not what Obama will do. Most really rich people and / or corporations — which financed his campaign, and who he employs in government positions — have their bank accounts in Bermudas. Google for example. I think you do get your news from liberal media, since you are repeating talking points from talking heads that often appear on the various disinformation channels.
      FYI, there has never been a surplus my friend. That is an urban legend. If you trust your government on fiscal and monetary policy, even though they have been extorting you and your family and those who came before you for decades, I’d say you need to go a long way before understanding current events and real history.

  2. Andrew says:

    Do you consider someone making over 250K ‘middle class’?

    • Editor says:

      It depends. 250K are not easy to earn and represent different things in different places of the US and the world. But someone making 250K doesn’t even get to be middle class. From any point you see it, someone earning 250K is actually below middle class.

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