Chemtrails: Beyond Geo-engineering Planetary Weather


Geo-engineering is in essence the artificial and deliberate manipulation of the weather by applying existent technologies to change weather and weather patterns over an area of planet Earth. But what if Geo-engineering was being used to change life beyond planetary weather? What if planetary re-engineering included us, humans? Why hasn’t this unseen and unheard of phenomenon been reported neither on main stream media nor alternative media? Ignorance? Cover-up? You’ll read about it here first.

Many tactics used by the elites to carry out their plans are successful due to their stealthy implementation, and this is the case with the biological modification of humanity. The most effective tactics for invasion always start from the inside. It happened in Troy and it worked. Stealthy human engineering goes beyond social planning and modern medicine to an attempt to change us all from the inside, cell by cell, tissue by tissue, fiber by fiber. A massive effort is now underway not only to change what the biosphere looks like, but also to change what humanity looks like.

The trojan horse used to carry out this human re-engineering is the very same weather modification tools that millions of people know as Chemtrails. Until not too long ago, chemtrailing was thought of as a way to geo-engineer the planet, but spraying aerosolized materials into the lower atmosphere in order to limit the amount of sunlight that reaches the living areas of the planet is not the only purpose of Chemtrails. Researchers have discovered that the process of geo-engineering goes way beyond man-made planetary weather modification. What scientists and bioethicists are proposing is turning homo sapiens into human androids, not for the sake of progress, but to more easily control us.


Researchers and independent organizations who study the effects of chemtrails on the environment and the population, collected enough proof regarding its negative effects on plants, animals, water and of course people. What scientists found is that our planet is being saturated with tens of thousands of times the natural amounts of metals such as Aluminum and Barium as well as Sulfuric salts which geo-engineering supporters are using to supposedly stop sunlight from reaching the planet. The use of chemtrails as a tool to geo-engineer the planet dates back at least to the beginning of the 1960′s, when governments and its contractors started spraying the atmosphere with chemicals in order to “help the environment”. Since then, the planet has lost 22 percent of sunlight. That is, Earth is 22 percent darker than when the geo-engineering experiments started. The formation of man-made clouds is admitted by NASA. Those clouds are called jet-cirrus. This helps us separate two terms that are often confused or even treated as the same thing. Contrails, or condensation trails form behind airplanes as they make their way through the skies. This planes and these trails are formed at high altitudes. At this altitude, humidity is very low, which is one of the causes for the contrails to disappear almost instantaneously. Clouds on the other hand, form at lower altitudes, where humidity is higher. For over 50 years, the planet’s skies have been dosed with Chemtrails, which are a combination of chemicals emitted by passenger airplane exhaust systems, or from military and government contractors airplanes which are exclusively equipped with containers to carry large amounts of the chemicals.

In places like California and Hawaii, for example, independent researchers, scientists and people in general measured the amounts of heavy metals in their water and soil to reveal the massive poisoning the planet is being subject to through chemtrailing alone. Water and soil samples were submitted for evaluation and the amounts of heavy metals reached tens of thousands of times the normal amounts. All over the United States and Europe, people report the death of thousands of trees and other forms of plant and animal forms, which when analyzed have a common denominator: high concentrations of heavy metals and other chemicals. Surprisingly, most if not all of the areas with the largest number of deaths of animals and plants are far away from industrial centers, which helps reject the idea that their death is a direct result of industrial pollution or human activity. Most of these trees that are dying are located in forests or tropical paradises where the concentration of environmental pollutants is low. In order to confirm that these animals and plants were dying due to the chemicals sprayed over from the sky, analyses were also performed to see if the chemicals in the soil and water corresponded to those found in living animals or plants. Laboratory tests confirmed it.

Researcher Deborah Whitman, who performed her own analysis of dying plants and trees in the city of Solana Beach, California, found that the levels of aluminum were 387 milligrams per kilogram, barium was at 18.4, strontium at 113 and titanium at 15.2.

Along with the load of heavy metals and other chemicals that are sprayed daily by airplanes all over the world, researchers have independently found that other materials contained in the chemtrails are causing people to develop rashes and bruises on their skin. These materials include metallic salts or oxides, engineered biological products and fibers or filaments.The spraying of these materials has changed the the air humans and animals breathe. The air is no longer neutral, a quality that is necessary to support most forms of life. The fibers and filaments are invisible to the human eye, but are easily observed if people use “black lights”. That is how researchers and scientists became aware of their existence. They have called this particles “dry rain”. Scientific evidence shows that in order for the planet to have rainfall, particles of dust and other natural elements in the atmosphere form a nuclei which become unstable and then precipitate in the form of rain. But what happens when someone injects smaller than normal particles into the atmosphere? Those particles never become unstable, and with it they are capable of forming the haze looking man-made clouds that cover the sky after an airplane sprays the chemicals cited above. The smaller the particle, the more stable the water droplet, the lesser rainfall. That is what many call Geo-engineering.

Retired Wildlife Biologist and water specialist Francis Mangels found through laboratory analysis that the levels of Aluminum, Barium and Titanium seen as tolerable in water and soil had been surpassed exponentially. In places where aluminum levels had to be of 0.5 micrograms per liter, Mangels found that pond water had 12,000 micrograms per liter, 24,000 times the normal amounts. Snow drift at Mount Shasta showed levels even greater of 61,000 micrograms per liter, or 122, 200 times the normal level. In a separate analysis, pond water in Bellavista, California, had aluminum levels of 375,000 micrograms per liter. The level of barium reached 3090 micrograms per liter and strontium 345 micrograms per liter. Samples of water and soil taken from below houses presented normal levels of these and other metals.


Can there be evolution when humans will turn into robotic beings without the capacity to reproduce or to have free will? The problem is, this process has already begun, and no one seems to notice.

The use of metallic salts or oxides in chemtrails has turned the air we breathe conductive. As a consequence,

humans and animals who breathe that air also become conductive, gaining the ability to transmit energy. Along with the metals, chemtrails have also been found to contain fibers or filaments which are not naturally formed. This fibers are the main cause of a disease known as Morgellons Syndrome. Morgellons is not recognized by the medical establishment, which simply calls it “mental parasitosis”. This is a term used to dismiss Morgellons as a mentally created disease that has no other treatment or cure than a mental examination and therapy. However, the lesions on Morgellons patients are all but imaginary. Their open skin never heals and constantly expels some kind of fibrous material that remains attached to the skin. In many cases, these fibers are accompanied by metallic looking particles made of — you guessed it right — the same heavy metals that are being sprayed through chemtrails. Fibers are often found to be formed by hollow tubules which have been cultured in laboratory in order to study them. In those situations, the fibers develop into groups of filaments or colonies, which continue to extend if not controlled. Fibers such as the ones found in patients with Morgellons Syndrome are also present in healthy average people, except that those fibers do belong inside humans. In other words, someone found a way to create fibers such as the ones naturally contained in human tissue and to give them the capacity to replicate just as its natural human counterpart do.

Although researchers are not sure how these fibers make it inside the human body, they have enough material proof to determine that the fibers are not made of anything natural that lives on planet Earth. Independent researcher Clifford Carnicom found these same fibers and filaments in air samples collected at different locations on planet Earth, such as New Mexico in the United States. But these fibers are not alone. Together with them, researchers found dried red blood cell-like organisms with sizes of 2 micrograms. Those organisms contained internal cellular structures similar to those contained in human red blood cells. Further analysis through a microscope revealed that those human-like red blood cells were not really human and that they had been purposely created in a way to keep them preserved. The materials found in the air borne filaments contained organisms that were a combination of the three best known types of beings that exist in nature — Bacteria, Archaea and Eukarya. In other words, it was a hybrid life form that was extremely resistant to adverse conditions — a quality of Archaea organisms, that looked like Bacteria and that reproduced like an Eukarya.

As a consequence of humans taking these fibers into their bodies through breathing, people are now hosting three different forms of life inside of them, which are contained in one single organism with the capacity to reproduce inside of us. So are we humans still humans or are we now hybrids? According to researcher Sofia Smallstorm, humans are being engineered from the inside. Every time a fiber or filament spreads into colonies and those colonies spread into more colonies, homo sapiens are less and less human. “There are materials that are alien to the human body that are growing inside of us,” says Smallstorm. She attributes the appearance of these organisms to Transbiology, or the manipulation of naturally occurring biological beings through nanotechnology or biotechnology. Once in the body, the filaments or fibers create their own red blood cells capable of resisting extreme conditions such as heat, high levels of chemicals, cold, acid, and so on. These fibers even have the capacity to grow outside the human body in a laboratory environment.

In the nano-tech industry, scientists use what they call the nano-tech pyramid in order to show and organize the process that is followed to create new materials or elements. That pyramid starts at the bottom with simple materials which are then turned into structures. Those structures aid in the completion of processes which finally create “devices”. So are biotechnology and nanotechnology being used to change the natural operation performed by our human bodies in an incremental fashion? Further research shows that the nano-tech and biotech industries have produced similar if not equal materials as the ones found in analyzed human tissue. People with advanced stages of Morgellons Syndrome have witnessed how crystalline structures begin to appear from the fibers that grow off their bodies. Imagine the inside of a computer that has cables or wires that haven’t been properly connected. Those fibers have gone from being translucent or white, to becoming colorful. Later those colorful fibers grow metallic-looking micro plates or plaques which also appear in several colors. Many of the fibers collected off Morgellons patients’ skins appear to be made of high density polyethylene, as reported by researcher Jan Smith. There is evidence that confirms that the nano-tech and biotech industries are producing something that investigators call GNA, a synthetic analog of DNA, which is infiltrated into humans through the fibers and metal attachments that those fibers develop while inside the human body. GNA contains various conductive polymers and gold nano-particles. GNA is mainly made of cellulose glucans, a snake or wire-looking filament observed with Raman spectroscopy.


The shapes and sizes of the fibers and metallic looking attachments vary. What does not vary is their capacity to mimic human DNA’s capacity to spread around inside the body; to reproduce and take over. Imagine the creation of a new electrical wiring system that laboratory observation shows it as rewiring the human body through nano-arrays (devices used for DNA hybridization) and heavy metal semiconductors surrounded by an organic shell or material. For more information on this specific detail, go to Morgellons Research Group. The purpose of this transformation is one and one only: to make humans responsive to a certain resonance or radio frequency signal. Nowadays, scientist know that the planet’s resonance is between a healthy range of 3 – 69 Hertz.

“All vibrating things in this world have their own, ‘natural’ frequency which they are most comfortable with,” writes Sanjay Aqrawal in an Ezine article entitled “Brain Entrainment and Schumann Resonance”. When a thing is subjected to an external force that makes it vibrate at a frequency it vibes with the most, the thing responds “joyfully”, by vibrating at the maximum amplitude (energy). The natural frequency of that [object] is known as its ‘resonating’ or ‘resonant’ frequency, and the phenomenon is known as ‘Resonance’. Physicists describe resonance as the tendency of a system to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others, using its stored vibrational energy.

Schumann Resonance (SR) is the global electromagnetic resonance that occurs as a set of peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum between 3 and 32 Hz, with distinct peaks at 7.83, 14.3, 20.8, 27.3 and 33.8 Hz. Lightning discharges excite SR in the cavity formed by the Earth’s conducting surface and the ionosphere. Named after German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who predicted it mathematically in 1952 (and first detected it in 1954—an auspicious year), SR acts as a closed waveguide. It’s like a wave-bridge. “So astounding are the facts in this connection,” said Nikola Tesla in 1899 of this global electromagnetic resonance, “that it would seem as though the Creator, Himself had electrically designed this planet.”

The normal standing wave created in the Schumann Cavity occurs at a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth, and at a base frequency (and highest intensity) of between 6-8 Hz (7.83 Hz). Some call this basic frequency the Earth’s “heartbeat” or the “tuning fork” of the planet, suggesting that it generates natural healing properties when living things are entrained to its rhythm. It turns out that all biological systems resonate at this same frequency range.

Read more about planetary and human brain resonance here.

The very same fields of nanotechnology tells us that quantum dots, such as the small particles found in patients with Morgellons Syndrome have a very high capacity for “tunability”. The Piezo Effect is the ability that some crystals, ceramics, proteins, metals and human DNA to create an internal voltage once an outside pressure is applied. As explained by Sofia Smallstorm, when a person applies a certain frequency to a crystal, it generates a voltage. Inversely, when you put a voltage to a crystal, it responds with a frequency. According to Clifford Carnicom, when he applied a blue light frequency (375 nm) to a filament structure made of the same materials found in Morgellons Syndrome patients’ tissue, resulted in the accelerated expansion or growth of such filament structure within only 24 hours after exposure. Could we safely associate strange changes in human behaviour to the constant exposure people submit themselves to when using the latest technologies such as mobile phones, computers, television, radio and wireless internet signals? How do the frequencies emitted by these technologies change Earth’s natural resonance or frequency? How do they change human or animal resonances? Are they contributing with the enhancement of the rewiring process now occurring inside our bodies? Are we being re-engineered from the inside with the help of the technologies we are so deeply addicted to?  What role does HAARP play?

“What is happening to humans at the biochemical level?,” asks Sofia Smallstorm. “Electrical bonds are chemical bonds, and electromagnetism is capable of changing what is happening in our bodies.” She believes frequencies other than our own or planet Earth’s harmonic resonance are supplying the synthetic components in our bodies the power they need to carry out their mission.

Where could this technology come from besides nanotechnology and biotechnology? Enter Synthetic Biology; a field of study and application that uses resources and science from genetics, radiation, robotics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and information technology to “improve and transcend” the limits of nature. Just a year ago, Time magazine published a propaganda piece about something trans-humanists call The Singularity. This concept is based on the idea that humans will undoubtedly merge with machines in the near future. Aren’t we already becoming them? The article says that Homo Sapiens will no longer be recognized. Humans, says Time will finally complete their love affair for immortality. Whatever definition is given the The Singularity, it includes the reverse engineering of humans as we are known today into something more advanced. But for what? The proponents and executors of the Chemtrail phenomenon are knowingly or otherwise effectively rewiring humanity to have the capacity to follow a different frequency, to respond and operate under a new “heartbeat”. Under this new frequency humans will no longer have the ability to think for themselves or have freedom of choice; they will be directed by the source that manipulates this specific frequency at which humans will function. No more free will. But the changes that the trojan horse — being implanted by those who are widely and openly chemtrailing the people of the world — are not limited to electrical modifications. Through this technology, humans are also going to lose their capacity to reproduce. They will become human androids, or what supporters of trans-humanism call Homo Evolutis.

Currently, both NASA and Google fund and support The Singularity University, a place where people are taught about this new state of intelligence. According to this new system of education, humankind becomes transcendent in a place in space and time where the rules of physics no longer apply. Followers and scholars of this theory include Ray Kurzweil, the author of The Singularity is Near, a book that inspired the film The Transcendent Man. According to Kurzweil, advancements in technology spur themselves exponentially, not in a linear way. The proponents of this kind of future believe that technology will allow humans to take control of their own future.

The question is then, who has the tools and the potential to create things such as artificially replicating fibers, red blood cells and nano organisms that mimic human cellular reproduction? Who is right now modifying us all without out consent? Are these same individuals the ones who will decide what is done with humanity once we are all properly wired to obey them? Mr. Kurzweil believes scientists will finally reverse engineer the human brain by 2020. What else is left for the technocrat class clearly in control of the pharmaceutical, nanotechnology, biotechnology and synthetic biology industries other than to control our brains from afar? Of course, the technocratic elites does not present this advancement as a tool of control. Instead, they mask it as an opportunity to reach immortality, to use artificial intelligence to create a system we all can be connected to, where there is no pain, no suffering, no slavery other than the slavery of our mind, which is what they are looking for. Technologies such as The Singularity will be incrementally presented as a trendy, sexy way of life, so that more people, no matter their social or economic status, will choose to plug themselves into “the matrix”, to use a familiar term. That’s right. The scenario that this version of the future entails is the capacity to download our brains into a computer and vice-versa. It will also be presented to us as the universal solution to all human problems, medical or otherwise.

According to Ray Kurzweil, by 2029, machines will reach and overpass human intelligence and will get to a level of consciousness defined by him as “super-intelligence” which humans will be able to “use” by plugging themselves into the system. From that state however, there is no turning back. But what will happen once machines rise over human levels? Sofia Smallstorm questions whether these super-intelligent machines will see humans as their creators and respect us as such, if they will compete against us for resources or if they will see us as a threat to their supreme existence. How about the machines’ masters? How about the ruling ever more powerful technocratic elite? What will they do with this new-found power to remotely control each and every one of us? Isn’t The Transcendent Man already here, personified by the Internet, the World Wide Web, the series of computers that already tell you what you want to search before you even type it? One trend we already see is how the artificially intelligent being we know as the Internet is already transforming the Homo Sapiens into a non-biological creature, an empty vessel just waiting for an outlet to plug himself into. What will happen when biological processes begin to be run by technology and all living things become non-reproductive biological androids; a population of an engineered species under the control of machines, or even worse trans-humanist slave masters? In case you have not understood, Homo Evolutis will not be a better human, in fact, it won’t be a human at all. It will be a product governed by a patent which is owned by someone or something whose main goal is not to improve humanity, but to degrade it. The dreamed bio-androids that the trans-humanists are looking for is “one without a gender, no capacity to reproduce, a better performer, something that cannot be distracted by love or lust, will be free of disease so that it can work indefinitely. Then you’ll have the e-workers and the e-lites”, warns Smallstorm.

Is the search for the Superhuman also the death of the human race and the rise of the inert Homo Evolutis?

I’ll leave you with a quote from Ray Kurzweil’s vision of the future and The Singularity: “Does God exist? Well, I would say not yet.”

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  1. pdburley says:

    Who decided to call this Geo-Engineering? I am a Geo(technical) Engineer and Geo(logical) Engineer and Geo(logist). Whoever came up with applying the term Geo-Engineering for ‘artificial and deliberate manipulation of the weather’ is completely off base. I have no issue with such work, do whatever you want, but change the title of the people and activities that such work is associated.

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