The U.S. government has “certain guarantees” for the first time that the Syrian regime has used, albeit on a small scale chemical weapons in the civil war against rebels holdings. Not too long ago, the Obama regime publicly warned Syria that the use of such weapons would imply the crossing of an imaginary line, that it would trigger new measures and a stronger intervention by Barack Obama in a conflict that the United States itself has helped make worse for the past two years. The White House explained that Congress must proceed to other checks before military action.

In a letter to members of Congress, the director of the Legislative Affairs Office of the White House, Miguel Rodriguez, said that there are intelligence reports confirming “with varying certainty” that the regime of Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons and that “the Administration is prepared to respond appropriately in all contingencies.” It is unclear, however, whether this information is sufficient to establish that the Syrian government has crossed the red line marked in the past by Obama.

As it happened with Iraq, the United States, its allies and the American supported rebels themselves want the world to take their word on the use of chemical weapons in Syria because they are incapable of showing any solid proof to back up their statement. That is not to say the “proof” coming from any western intelligence service would be immediately validated. In fact, the opposite is true. Recent history takes us to Iraq and Afghanistan, where the western terrorist coalition said there were WMDs and that this alone was enough to invade, kill millions and leave the countries in shambles, and their people worse off than under the rule of western-backed puppet tyrants.

The U.S. ruler warned on several occasions, most recently during his trip this year to Israel and Jordan, that the use of chemical weapons by the government of Bashar al-Assad would be “crossing the red line” that could lead to harsh reprisals. He forgot that recent American action and intelligence gathering have rendered all credibility about WMDs, nuclear threats and use of chemical weapons null. Although Obama has never specified what kind of reaction might occur, it is understood that the U.S. may now be ready for a greater involvement in favor of the rebels, even with military aid or targeted attacks against the Syrian army aided by American Air Force and Navy, as it happened in Libya. “That would change my calculation, that would change my equation,” Obama said in August regarding the possibility of using chemical weapons.

But do not let the public caution shown by Obama confuse you. The supposed great care with which the president has tried to handle this American created crisis, is actually driven by the commitment made to pressure groups, including prominent congressional Republicans who do not dare to question the latest intelligence revelation. These Republicans and their Democrat counterparts are now calling for immediate and decisive action. Neocon war mongers such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham asked to establish a no-fly zone, similar to that imposed on Libya, so that Assad cannot use the aircraft against the rebels.

At the same time, congressmen have suggested that the United States should provide weapons to opposition groups – something they country has already been doing – to destroy chemical weapons stockpiles of the Assad regime, which, according to Graham, “are capable of killing thousands, if not millions, of people” . Graham, however, has never called for the surrender of U.S. and NATO weapons which are loaded with agent orange and depleted uranium that not only kill Iraqis and Afghans, but also American soldiers who fire them. Also in the ranks of the Democratic Party, Senator Dianne Feinstein, the chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee, said that “it is clear that Syria has crossed the red line and action is needed to prevent chemical weapons to be used on a larger scale.” She showed no proof of her clarity.

U.S. Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, said that the Syrian government had used lethal chemical known as sarin gas against civilians even before this information was officially sent to Congress or the White House. In a statement made in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Hagel noted that the use of such weapons is a violation of international law and “would be unacceptable” for the U.S.. Hagel has never condemned the use of chemical weapons by the United States regime, though.

In its report to Congress, the White House states that “given the challenges involved and, as we have learned from recent experience, intelligence tests alone are not enough credible” but that a fact-finding adventure “will lead to some degree of certainty to make a decision. ” As expected, the U.S. proposed that such adventure must be led by an international commission under the United Nations, the same entity that voted to attack Iraq under false pretenses presented at the Security Council by former U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell. A State Department spokesman did not provide additional information on how the inspection would proceed.

This week, General Itai Brun, a senior army intelligence officer, from Israel, also denounced that the Damascus regime had resorted to its nuclear arsenal, whose existence is recognized by the authorities of that country. Data provided by Israel are particularly appreciated because it is assumed that the country has human intelligence, agents in the field, not only electronic intelligence within Syria. But then again, Israel has publicly declared war on half of the Middle East.

Shortly after knowing the allegation made in Washington, the British Foreign Office issued a statement that says that it has “limited but compelling information from various sources” on the use of chemical weapons, including sarin, by the Army of the Assad regime. France has also spoken to this effect in the past.

Guess who is coming to the rescue of US Intelligence?

Independent experts have been unable so far to obtain conclusive evidence of the alleged attacks launched by the Assad regime. U.N. experts have failed to enter the country to collect samples (soil, blood, tissues or urine) to prove the allegations.

However an incident that attracted international attention is the one that occurred in Asal Khan, in the province of Aleppo, on March 19. The Assad regime accused the rebels of having used a projectile loaded with chemicals. 26 people died and 100 were injured. Numerous witnesses reported a strange gas and how it caused eye irritation and respiratory problems in an area around the point of impact of the missile.

The official news agency Sana then distributed photos of the incident, with doctors helping the wounded. Opponents protested strongly, accusing the regime of using chemical agents on them to later try to incriminate them. Some estimates argue that Assad has at least 1,000 tons of chemical weapons, the largest arsenal in the Middle East. Above all, the reports say, Syria possesses sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent, in addition to cyanide, stored in at least 17 different points of the country, all in the custody of the Army.

The rebels publicly accused the regime of having chemical weapons directed against them from multiple rocket launchers, when they tried to surround a military base in the town of Adra, near Damascus. Two militants were killed and at least 23 others were injured, according to a tally given by opposition groups. Several witnesses told the Israeli daily Haaretz, that the chemical “was a type of phosphorus that attacks the nervous system and causes loss of balance and fainting”. White phosphorous has been used the past attacks directed to Gaza by the Israeli military.

That same day, the ambassadors of France and the United Kingdom to the UN sent a letter to the Secretary General saying that they had sufficient evidence to claim that Assad had used chemical weapons against the Asal Khan and the Ataybah villa near Damascus around December 23. Their evidence was supposed eyewitness interviews and analysis of soil at points of attack. Yesterday, a spokesman for the Free Syrian Army in Turkey said he has given “evidence” to “independent observers”, but when asked for more details he did not elaborate.

The December 23 attack had been collected in a classified cable from the U.S. State Department. “We cannot say so at 100%, but several Syrian contacts said that agent XV was employed in Homs on December 23,” said the memo sent by a U.S. consul in Istanbul to Washington. Later, State Department sources denied that the agent used was Agent XV.

On April 13 opposition forces accused the Syrian regime of having fired shells loaded with nerve agent from planes in Aleppo. Two children and a woman were killed and at least 16 people were injured in that attack. This time, someone could record it. Niazi Dr. Habash, who treated the wounded, posted a video online where he sees injured with symptoms of suffocation, constricted pupils, and above all, foaming at the mouth. But no one confirmed that the planes used to drop the bombs belonged to the Syrian Army.

The organization Human Rights Watch released a report on April 11, in the four cases which demonstrate firebombs launching an ersatz napalm or napalm and white phosphorus. Occurred in the cities of Daraya and Babila (both in the province of Damascus), Maarath Al Numan (Idlib) and Qusseir (Homs). They documented these cases through interviews with four witnesses and videos provided by the opposition and analyzed by specialists and academic experts, but the organization ensured that no direct evidence was found. The attacks occurred between November and December last year.

Analysts find it strange that the Assad regime decided to use small doses of chemicals. “It makes little sense, because chemical weapons historically have been used in considerable quantities, to cause large numbers of casualties,” said Ralf Trapp, a renowned expert in chemical weapons disarmament. Yet, the United States, France, Israel and the UK continue to raise alarm about what they say is credible proof that the Syrian government has crossed their imaginary red line.

Trust American Intelligence if your intellect allows it.

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