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Drinking roasted coffee increases Cancer risk 


Acrylamide, a by-product of roasted coffee, is the substance responsible for the increased risk of cancer for people who drink their cup of joe on a daily basis.

A Los Angeles court ruled that Starbucks and other coffee brands are expected to include a warning about carcinogenic substances in their products in California.

This decision resolves a lawsuit filed by a not-for-profit group in 2010 to toasters, distributors and coffee retailers, as they were violating a California law that forced companies to warn consumers of chemicals in their products that could cause cancer.

One such chemical is acrylamide, a by-product of roasted coffee that is present at high levels in prepared coffee. However, companies say that this compound is present at “very low” levels and should be exempt from the law because “is generated naturally from the process of roasting the grains to give them flavor.”

It was also argued that coffee is good for the body.

“Coffee has proven time and time again to be a healthy drink,” said William Murray, president and CEO of the National Coffee Association, in reaction to the ruling.

Thus, it considered that the demand “does not contribute to improving the public health”.

Judge Berle, however, ruled that the companies did not provide sufficient evidence to show that acrylamide in coffee poses no significant risk.

“The plaintiff proved that coffee consumption increases the risk of harm to fetuses, infants and adults, the defendants’ medical experts have not demonstrated with evidence that coffee consumption is beneficial to human health,” he said.

In establishments such as Starbucks, this warning appears on local posters, not on glasses directly, and warns of “certain chemicals labeled by California as causing cancer, are present in coffee, baked goods and other foods and beverages sold here “.

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  1. gasteros

    Thank you for this article! This is extremely helpful information for cancer patients/survivors and people at high risk for cancer. Although I only partake of organic coffee occasionally & in relatively very small amounts, this is of particular interest to me because (although there are pros and cons to everything) there are definite health benefits of the antioxidants in coffee in relationship to the type of cancer that I am recovering from as well as the BRCA gene that is placing me at a high risk of recurrence at the same time, I try to avoid acrylamide as much as I possibly can (although I realize that its extremely hard to avoid it completely) so any steps that can be taken to reduce acrylamide content are extremely helpful. Do you have any articles on methods that can be taken to reduce acrylamide in cooked potato products (or analyze the acrylamide content of various manufactured products such as potato chips or other chips)? Thank You!!

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