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Canadian activist Kevin Galalae, one of the loudest voices in the fight against Global Depopulation practices, arrived in Rome and began a hunger strike this week as part of his effort to end Global Depopulation Policies which research shows was officially adopted by governments around the world as a way to keep demographic growth in check.

Mr. Galalae, has investigated and written about the existing agenda to reduce the number of humans on the planet, which he has condemned as immoral and a violation of human rights. Before travelling to Rome, he wrote an open letter to Pope Francis requesting that the Catholic Church and the Vatican itself publicly denounced and called for the end of the Global Depopulation Policy.

In his first letter, Mr. Galalae summoned the Pope to end the Vatican’s complicity in the Global Depopulation Policy. The Depopulation Policy, from its inception, sought to undermine human fertility and diminish the family. Ironically, it is the traditional family itself that which the Catholic Church, led by the Vatican, supposedly has intended to protect for decades.

In a second letter, which Mr. Galalae wrote to the Pope as he arrived to Rome, he once again asked him to intervene so that governments end mass homicide against humans once and for all. “As a father, as a man, as a law-abiding and peace-loving citizen, I go beyond the call of duty to protect my children, my wife, my friends and my fellow human beings from a diabolical system that treats humanity like an infestation and denies us the dignity and trust that we deserve if we are to make informed and compassionate decisions.”

Mr. Galalae has posed the idea that governments must renounce killing people through the use of vaccines, chemicals in food and water, chemtrails and other secretive forms and instead let humans come together to solve the paradox of having limited space and limited resources while the world’s population rises steadily.

“I am not here to judge, vilify or demonize. I am here to protect our children and the sanctity of life. The body is a temple and any chemical or biological agent deliberately introduced into the body to harm our reproductive systems is a crime against Nature and against God,” Galalae said. “You claim moral authority. Exercise it!”

Mr. Galalae will be providing video updates of his hunger strike at St. Peter Square through his Youtube account. The most recent video address to the Pope can be seen below.

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