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Artifacts consisted of gunpowder, ball bearings and shrapnel 

Members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been gathering evidence in search for the author responsible for the attack that caused multiple three deaths yesterday in the final stretch of the Boston Marathon. The FBI is working with various federal, state and local government offices, who collaborate in the case. So far, authorities have not carried out any arrests, but the label of “terrorism” is already pasted on the initial investigation.

One person has been questioned, however, at one of the city hospitals. This is, according to The Boston Globe, a citizen of Saudi origin, probably a college student. The man was apparently forcibly detained by people on the streets after running near the site of the explosions. The individual has denied any connection with the attacks and is not detained.

Police and firefighters entered a house at 364 Ocean Avenue, although the reasons are unknown.

“This is a criminal investigation, which can potentially become a terrorist investigation,” said FBI special agent Richard Deslauriers in Boston. A White House source explained that the case would be treated as if following the pattern of a terrorist attack, although its origin is still unknown.

A senior member of the research team and who preferred to remain anonymous has detailed that the artifacts that exploded yesterday in Boston, with a time difference of 12 seconds, were composed of gunpowder, ball bearings, nails and shrapnel. This combination, especially the accumulation of shrapnel, maximizes the devastating impact of the explosion.

When this type of device explode, it shoots out shrapnel that generally reaches the extremities. It is for this reason that hospital officials have reported numerous amputations and severe operations due to shrapnel wounds.

So far, authorities have ruled out any type of chemical or radioactive artifacts.

Seventeen people seriously injured

Besides the official three deaths and the more than 140 people wounded, emergency personnel have in their hands at least 17 people seriously injured from the blast.

Among the deadly victims of the explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon is an eight year old boy, whose name appears to be Martin Richard. The over 140 people resulted injured and were transferred to eight different local hospitals.

The 17 people who resulted seriously injured are now in critical condition. Doctors at the Massachusetts General Hospital have reported that they have had to carry out several amputations among the 29 victims who have arrived.

Children’s Hospital Boston has hosted, meanwhile, at least eight children: one of them with only two years of age presented a head injury, one of nine with an injury in the leg, and six under 15 whose status is unknown.

The identity of most of the victims who have been transferred to hospitals in the city have not yet been made public.

“Some patients will need another operation tomorrow – today – and several in the next two days,” stated Peter Fagenholz, a surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital. “People are brave enough, you know. This is terrible and the attitude of most patients is: do what you have to do and try to improve my condition, “he added.

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