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Legal Scholars warn that U.S. Presidents undermine the Rule of Law 

From King George to King Barack

Yesterday, during a rare discussion between politicians and scholars, both sides agreed that the current U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush, more than any other president before them, have unequivocally harmed the U.S. Constitution by deciding what laws they want to follow and which laws can be ignored in their effort to impose their agendas. Furthermore, both Bush and Obama, along with his groups of power are now writing the laws.

Not only has Obama forced his way on the Constitution and the people of the United States and the world in the last 5 years, but he has also done so with the complacency of the U.S. Congress and the Supreme Court of the United States. As a consequence, there are government agencies such as the NSA, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services that are now creating their own laws.

During a Judiciary Committee Meeting led by Representative Bob Goodlatte, politicians and scholars discussed the role of the U.S. president in the constitutional system that is supposed to direct the country and how the latest actions from Barack Obama undoubtedly undermine such a system and the very core principles upon which the United States was built.

Both politicians and scholars agreed that in the last 12 years, the United States presidency has gone from being a democratic institution; one of the three parts of the government, to becoming an imperial branch which overtakes Congress in governing the country despite the fact that Congress is the entity in charge of representing the people.

“The presidents encroachment into Congress’s sphere of power is not a transgression that should be taken lightly,” said Goodlatte during his introductory speech. Then he added that “The principles of a Constitution are irrevocably lost when the legislative power is dominated by the executive.”

See below the complete discussion on how the U.S. Presidency, as it stands today, poses a threat to the American democratic system.

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