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US State Terror Targets Syria: Air Power, Navy Deployed 

Sunday was John Kerry’s third Colin Powell moment. Kerry’s a serial liar.

He appeared on five Sunday talk shows. He wrongfully blamed Assad for August 21?s Ghouta attack. He said Syria used sarin nerve gas.

He has “high confidence” Congress will approve lawless aggression. In 2002, it authorized “use of military force against Iraq.”

It’s uncertain if they’ll do so against Syria. On September 9, it returns from summer recess. Unless called back earlier into special session, we won’t know until it votes yea or nay.

Kerry used air time to make the case. He did so duplicitously. His accusations against Assad are baseless. They’re bald-faced lied.

Syria threatens no one. Obama plans lawless aggression. He does with or without Security Council and/or congressional approval.

He wants regime change. Proxy war hasn’t achieved it. Providing Western-enlisted death squads with air power is planned. So-called token strikes assure shock and awe death and destruction.

Initial bombing assures more ahead. Obama didn’t wage war to quit. He wants Syria entirely ravaged and destroyed. It’s prelude to targeting Iran.

Britain won’t partner in bombing Syria. It remains very much involved. On August 31, London’s Telegraph headlined “Syria crisis: Britain will play active role in military action despite vote defeat,” saying:

UK Mediterranean-based “intelligence-gathering assets (will) provide the US military with information” ahead of its planned lawless aggression.

“Whitehall sources said Britain’s decision not to” launch attacks “only covered its Armed Forces.”

On Saturday, the USS San Antonio naval amphibious landing ship arrived near Syria. On board are hundreds of marines, helicopters, and V-22 Osprey aircraft.

 Despite Britain’s parliament voting against direct attacks, six RAF Typhones and a Sentry early warning plane remain in Cyprus.

 Royal Navy sources said orders weren’t issued to remove a Trafalgar class nuclear submarine deployed near Syria’s coast. It suggests perhaps covert participation in Obama’s war.

US Sixth Fleet destroyers will launch it. Cruise missile diplomacy is planned. Expect a nighttime barrage ahead. It won’t be announced. It’ll be known when bombs explode.

 America has F-16 warplanes deployed in Turkey and Jordan. Two Fifth Fleet carrier strike groups supplement them. Longer range bombers may be involved.

 France alone agreed to participate with America. Its aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is in the western Mediterranean. It deployed an anti-missile destroyer to the region.

 French warplanes carry Scalp missiles. Rafales are stationed in Abu Dhabi. Mirage 2000s are in Djibouti. On Wednesday, French parliamentary debate is scheduled. So far, no vote is planned.

President Francois Hollande may order strikes on his own. He strongly supports Obama’s imperial project. He’s got his own objectives in mind. Syria is a former French colony. He may have recolonization in mind.

 UK/US intelligence sharing continues. So do covert actions. On August 29, Activist Post contributor Brandon Turbeville headlined “Western Special Forces Working with Death Squads in Syria,” saying:

“A new report by the British Mirror magazine has revealed that British special forces are now operating inside Syria.” They’re doing so ahead of Obama’s planned lawless aggression.

“SAS, Special Boat Service, Special Reconnaissance Regiment, and MI6 operatives are involved.

The Mirror cited a military source, saying:

“It is vital they find every missile site that could threaten British ships or RAF jets and they will probably be taken out by missiles fired from offshore.”

“The risk of capture to these special forces units is off the scale and nobody can be trusted in Syria.”

 ”At the top of the hit list are (Assad’s) sophisticated long-range mobile missile batteries.”

“Special forces troops will use laser and satellite technology to pinpoint the exact location of” of key sites. They plan to destroy them.

“Spies have already (located) scores of major military installations and ammo dumps.”

On August 22, Le Figaro said US, Israeli and Jordanian commandos covertly entered Syria. CIA operatives are involved.

They came days before Ghouta’s attack. The timing wasn’t accidental. They’re working cooperatively with hundreds of insurgent fighters.

They’re trained in guerrilla warfare. Since mid-August, they headed toward Damascus.

Similar elements operated the same way earlier. British, French, Israeli, Turkish and Qatari forces were involved.

Turbeville forthrighly said:

“With the Western world salivating to launch a military assault on Syria which will inevitably kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, it is important for all Americans to not only actively expose such blatant hypocrisy and treachery, but to actively oppose it. Our window of opportunity is closing.”

 Syria expects attacks any time. On September 1, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) headlined “Syria calls on UN, Security Council to shoulder responsibilities, prevent absurd use of force out of legitimacy.”

 Syria UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafari urged responsible opposition to planned US aggression, saying:

“The Syrian government warned, more than a year ago, against the serious risks of the possibility of using chemical materials by the armed terrorist groups in Syria.”

“Syria has informed, in official letters, the UN Secretary General and the UNSC about the activities of these groups, which coincided with a political, diplomatic and media campaign led by some countries which are directly responsible for shedding the blood in Syria and preventing the peaceful solution in order to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical weapons.”

Kerry’s so-called “secret conclusive evidence” is fabricated rubbish. It’s “completely false.”

According to SANA:

“Al-Jaafari said he would clarify the following:”

“First, Syria as a state, people and government has a national interest in unveiling the facts related to the claims of using the chemical weapons in Syria, based on this national interest, the Syrian government and the UN agreed to investigate in three sites including Khan al-Assal.”

“Second, those who mobilize fleets and armies to wage an aggression on Syria, are the same who rejected a Syrian proposed draft resolution at the UN Security Council on December 29, 2003 on freeing the Middle East of weapons of mass destruction.”

“Third, the Syrian government has defied the American administration to show one credible evidence on the allegations regarding using chemical weapon, but Kerry publicly said that he relies on what he called ‘high credible information’ based on internet fabricated photos.”

“Fourth, the UN General Secretariat has repeatedly stated that the trails of the use of any kind of toxic gases do not fade over time, therefore the UN sent an investigation mission after five months of the request of The Syrian government to probe into Khan al-Assal case.”

“However, the Syrian government didn’t hesitate to allow the UN team to enter to place of supposed attack within 48 hours of the arrival of the UN Secretary General’s envoy, Angela Kane, the UN disarmament chief.”

“Fifth, Kerry’s statement that the investigation mission is not responsible for determining the side which used the chemical weapon, and that its mission is limited to confirming its use, comes to justify the US administration’s violation of the UNSC.”

Al-Jaafari officially asked Ban Ki-moon to determine parties responsible for chemical weapons use in Khan al-Assal. Washington, Britain and France rejected his request.

 Ban’s a longtime imperial tool. He supports lawless aggression. He does so without overtly saying so. He’s got blood on his hands. He’s complicit in what demands condemnation.

 Assad, Al-Jafaari and other Syrian officials wage lonely battles. They’re struggling to save Syria. They face long odds. Obama wants the Syrian Arab Republic destroyed.

He’s well on his way toward achieving it. He plans finishing the job ahead. He wants puppet governance replacing sovereign Syrian independence.

He wants Syria exploited and controlled. Mass killing and destruction are small prices to pay. Imperial marauders take no prisoners.

They don’t do body counts. They don’t give a damn about unconscionable human suffering. Only imperial priorities matter. Nothing stands in the way of achieving them.

On September 1, SANA headlined “President al-Assad: Syria is capable of confronting any external aggression.”

He spoke during his Sunday meeting with Alaeddin Boroujerdi. He chairs the Foreign Policy National Security Committee at the Iranian Shura Council.

In the face of overwhelming US power, he put on a brave face. State television reported him saying:

 ”Syria … is capable of confronting any external aggression.”

“The American threats of launching an attack against Syria will not discourage Syria away from its principles or its fight against terrorism supported by some regional and Western countries, first and foremost the United States of America.”

Ahead of informing Americans, Obama told Netanyahu what he plans. Only they and close aides know exactly what was discussed.

Israel’s partnered with Washington’s war on Syria. It’s an open secret. Both countries may coordinate strikes when they come. Israel may participate covertly.

Russia’s parliamentary committee head Alexei Pushkov said Obama will use the upcoming September 5 – 6 St. Petersburg G20 summit advantageously.

He’ll pressure participating countries. He wants support for attacking Syria. He’ll get none from Russia and China. It remains to be seen how others react.

France alone looks likely to join what another writer calls his “coalition of the killing.” Vladimir Putin forthrightly opposes war on Syria. Days earlier he was outspoken against it.

According to one observer, Obama’s war may start any time. He’ll consult Congress. He wants support. He’ll act unilaterally if it’s not forthcoming.

 Rogue leaders operate that way. Obama’s by far the worst. World peace hangs by a thread.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”

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