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Obama: U.S. “twisting arms” when countries “don’t do what we need them to do” 

The United States is admitedly the bully of the world and there is no need for any American politician to confirm it or deny it, because recent and earlier history cannot be ignored.

Today, it is more common than ever before to hear pro-American rhetoric not only justifying the bullying exerted by the United States around the world, but also presenting it as something that is necessary and just.

American domestic and foreign policy is so strongly imposed on others that even an ignorant politician who attempts to change the way the U.S. does its business, rapidly learns that things are different when seen from outside Washington’s corrupted system.

Barack Obama has gone from oppossing “dumb wars” to starting new ones and from criticizing U.S. foreign policy and apologizing to the world to justifying American bullying at home and abroad. The US president recently entertained questions from VOX, in which he admitted that the United States does exercise force over allies and foes when countries do not do what is in the interest of the Americans.

While such a confession is not really a shocking admission, it is coming from a seating U.S. President, which is what makes it noteworthy.Obama’s confession also refreshingly explains why the United States always seeks to remain the sole military force on the planet. America’s military spending is larger than the 12 countries that follow it.

Let us allow Obama himself to candidly explain how is it that U.S. bullying works.

In a sense, Obama came into politics as an idealist and is about to leave as a realist, as he calls himself now.

Being a realist, it seems, means to force others to act accordingly to U.S. wishes. It means to dance to the tune played by the American economic and military machinery, or else.

According to Obama, if the U.S. did not have economic and military leverage over other countries, the United States would not be able to get anything done. Obama added that the U.S. does not have military solutions to every challenge in the 21st century, yet he has maintained old American engagement in military affairs and has attempted to initiate new conflicts in various countries around the world where the Americans have either intervened directly with its military wing, or have sanctioned countries, companies and individuals as a way to “twist their arms” into compliance.

Obama reminded viewers that although the United States does not feel threatened by any other country in the world, there are what he called asymetric threats, terrorist organizations and failed states which do possess the ability to let’s say be a minor itch in the process of American inquisition around the world.

The American president forgot to mention that many of those failed states, terrorist organizations and asymetric threats came to life due to American intervention in the affairs of sovereign nations, which are ones whose arms are twisted when they do not dance as happily or jump as high as the United States government wants.

America’s “twisting arms” is more like “bombing nations” and committing or enabling genocide when countries don’t do what the U.S. needs them to do.


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