We are governed and encircled by mass murderers who are far more perverse, destructive and dangerous than any of the tyrants of our history.

The origin and make-up of the coalition of forces and individuals who commit mass murder on an unprecedented scale show us that there is a “hidden kinship between the vices of even the most vicious and the virtues of even the most upright”.

They also show us that now is the time to rid ourselves of the hierarchies of power, be they sacred or secular, and their dated ideologies and stale theologies that arrest our evolution and threaten our survival. Last, they show us that peaceful methods only encourage and enable the continuing existence of and our continuing oppression by these outdated and perverse hierarchies.

No words can begin to express how deeply ashamed I am of Pope Francis and how deeply disappointed I am in the Church. I have always viewed organized religion with deep suspicion out of intangible instinct rather than concrete knowledge.

REVELATIONThough my hunger strike has failed to reach its intended objective, namely to compel Pope Francis to come to our defense by publicly condemning the covert methods of depopulation employed by secular governments throughout the world, it has achieved an unintended but equally important objective, confirm that we are governed and encircled by mass murderers who are far more perverse, destructive and dangerous than any of the tyrants of our history.

The Vatican’s silence in the end spoke louder than words and confirmed not only its complicity but also its immorality. Pope Francis chose not to deliver us from evil but to deliver us to evil.

Not even in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that the heart of Christendom is also the epicenter of the depopulation genocide and that the people who assume moral responsibility for the West feel no shame and no remorse for their decision to sacrifice our children for their earthly privileges.

The Pharisees have conspired to murder Christ. The Vatican conspires to murder us. There is no other explanation and no excuse for its silence.

Despite writing multiple letters to Pope Francis, United Nations Secretary General, Ban-ki-moon and other prominent people and in spite of multiple hunger strikes and intended to protest the Global Depopulation Policy, no action has been seen from those leaders.

There is only one last option for humanity: To get rid of the existing hierarchies of power. I tell the story of my journey to expose the systematic annihilation of humanity by the perverse, psychopathic Elite which has decided that humans are not a commodity worth having, in my book Revelation. I wrote revelation while attempting to bring some common sense to our leaders.

You can download the complete book for free from The Real Agenda News.

Download Revelation now.




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