Michael Bloomberg has shown again his disdain for the existence of a lawful society, the Constitution or what people think about their human and civil rights.

In a recent press conference, Bloomberg said that the interpretation of the Constitution will “have to change”.

This criminal went so far as to say that “the people who are worried about privacy have a legitimate worry,” admitting that he and his anti-Constitution friends in government and the press could care less about what people think. He shamelessly used the 9/11 attacks, the shootings and the Boston bombings to instill fear on the public saying that “we know there are people who want to take away our freedoms,” except he forgot to say it is people like him who want to take away those freedoms.

He then tried to mix apples with oranges when saying that the issue of security is all about religion and that people’s religious choices need to be respected despite all threats.

What an astute scum bag!

Later he lied again about the Second Amendment: “Clearly the  Supreme Court has recognized that you have to have different interpretations of the Second Amendment and what it applies to and reasonable gun laws … Here we’re going to to have to live with reasonable levels of security.”

There is no need for interpretation from the Supreme Court when it comes to the Second Amendment or anything else. This is the same Supreme Court that approved the death panel filled Obamacare.

And when Bloomberg says reasonable levels of security, he actually means a completely disarmed population that has to deal with law enforcement thugs who are armed up to their teeth and government contractors who blow up people during sports events.

To top it all off, this government criminal surrounds himself with ‘jack boot’ hulk-like thugs who are fully armed and who walk with him wherever he goes. What a lying hypocrite!

I have a suggestion for this filthy parasite: If you don’t like to live in a country with an armed and safe population, move to North Korea or China. They’ll be happy to take you in.

As Judge Milton A. Tingling said: “This is not a dictatorship”, no matter how much despicable people like Bloomberg dream about it.

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